Tisdale sees McElwain on fire

For Florida prospect Tyrek Tisdale each visit to Gainesville brings on something new. The 6-foot, 198 pound athlete from Orlando Oakridge has been to Gainesville in each of the last two weekends and is certainly feeling Florida. He also got an eye full on Saturday.

Florida held their fourth practice of the spring in The Swamp on Saturday and it was the second in pads. Tyrek Tisdale was in attendance and he was pretty shocked at how intense everything was, yet just how well things seemed to groove.

“Watching the practice, it was a new energy level,” Tisdale said after leaving to go home. “It was good to see that the new coaches and the way they interact with the players. It seemed like the players and the coaches had been together for about 5-6 years already. The way they were bonding they had a great chemistry.”

Maybe the biggest thing was seeing Florida’s new head coach Jim McElwain and the way he was going after it during practice.

“Coach Mac’s energy level was more than 100, it was like 500,” Tisdale said with a laugh. “I was just thinking if his energy level was 500 today, it would 1,000 on game day.”

The Gators love Tisdale, but they aren’t sure where to play him if he comes to Florida. Tisdale has the confidence in the Florida staff to get him in the right place to succeed.

“I am being recruited as an athlete,” he said. “I could play on either side of the ball. It will be wherever I can get on the field, or whatever is best for me with the NFL scouts. I will do whatever it takes to help win a national championship.”

As a junior he played quarterback at Oakridge and in his first year at the position he did pretty well. Oakridge head coach Elijah Williams, a Gator Great and multi-position player for the Gators in the 90’s knows a little bit about finding your way to the right position. He came to Florida as a heralded running back and left as an NFL bound cornerback.

“Last year was my first year playing quarterback,” Tisdale said. “I don’t really know what my coach has planned out (this year), but whatever it is it will be the best for the team. He will look out for the team first and individuals second. Whatever he does with me, I know he has been there and done that. He will make sure that the team works well with what I am doing. I trust my coach.”

A true team player, Tisdale can’t settle on a position that he wants to play and has just learned to trust the coaches he works under.

“Some days I picture myself being that slot receiver that takes that Dig route and comes across the middle and makes the big catch, or the running back that gets that one big Trap play,” Tisdale said. “I think of different things. The head coach always has something in mind. He has been there and won championships and bowl games. He will know what is best for me for NFL scouts and best for the team.

“I train at both positions because I know I don’t want to play slot right now only and I go to college and they want me to play safety. When I train I do everything. I train at running back, receiver, and safety. It will all come in handy and I know that.”

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