Lane laughs off embarrassing moment

Adam Lane won the Birmingham Bowl MVP to close out Florida’s 2014 season, but he was known for something much bigger than that.

After being a non-factor during Florida’s regular season, the Florida coaching staff wanted to give Lane a chance in the bowl game, and he broke out for 109 yards and one touchdown against East Carolina. Just before his touchdown run in the first half, Lane soiled his pants and ended up becoming an accidental Internet celebrity. Pictures and videos ended up all over the Internet, and within minutes of the incident, Lane's very public accident turned into a viral sensation.

Lane only knew one way to handle it -- laugh. He knew that he couldn’t avoid the jokes, whether from teammates or friends, so he accepted it and was able to laugh it off. The running back, who is currently dealing with a leg injury that has limited him in spring practice, knew he could either be embarrassed about the moment and be the butt of jokes for a long time, or he could embrace it and laugh at himself. Speaking to the media for the first time since it happened, the redshirt sophomore was all smiles.

"It was the best thing that could have happened,” Adam Lane said. “It got a lot of attention and just put me in a place where I was out there publicly and people knew who I was. I really didn't get as much grief from it as I thought. I feel like it was that way because I embraced it."

Lane said that the accident has never happened to him before on a football field, and he quickly decided that he was going to handle it with a smile on his face. Right after it happened, ESPN cameras caught him running off the field with a member of the Florida support staff.

Instead of staring at the ground and pretending it didn’t happen, Lane said he purposely looked at the crowd, waved to the Florida fans in attendance and laughed even more about the incident. On his way back to the field, he did the same thing. Lane sprinted on the field with an ear-to-ear grin on his face, knowing that most of the fans in the crowd likely had already seen the pictures or the video on their phones.

“I embraced it. Had to," Lane said.

After the previous coaching staff and injuries kept Lane off the field, he’s happy for a fresh start with the new coaching staff. A leg injury has kept him limited during the early weeks of spring practice, but he's still learning the new offense in the film room and from watching what happens at practice.

“I’m starting off new,” Lane said. “A new group of guys, a clean slate.”

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