Video Exclusive: Tisdale Commits to Gators

The last two weeks have been really good for the Florida Gator football team in terms of recruiting. The previous two weekends the Gators landed two committed prospects each and on Friday they added their fifth star of the 2016 class when Orlando Oakridge athlete Tyrek Tisdale told Florida head coach Jim McElwain that he wanted to be a Gator.

Tyrek Tisdale is one of athletes that you want on your team, even if you don’t know exactly where he might line up. National Recruiting Analyst Jamie Newberg has seen enough of him to know that he is an athlete that can play a lot of positions in college.

"I love what I see in Tyrek Tisdale,” Newberg said about the young man making the leap of faith with the Gators. “This kid looks like an outstanding athlete, although most of what you see is at QB. He has good size and a thick build. He's got very good speed and even better quickness. He certainly is quicker than fast and this kid is fast. I love the options and versatility he can bring. You are talking about a kid that can project across the board at multiple positions on either side of the ball at running back, receiver or in the secondary. I think he best long term projection is on defense. I would see what he could do at corner knowing that he could eventually settle in at safety. He has size, length and shows the ability to turn and run and flip his hips. He looks like a really good one."

We were lucky enough to catch up with Tisdale and his mom Willette Tisdale in their hometown and they were gracious enough to sit down and talk to us about the commitment and what it means to them. Here is the transcript of the video below, but we encourage you to watch the video and see what kind of young man and family McElwain is recruiting to Florida.

Tyrek Tisdale: “I’m Tyrek Tisdale, I go to Oakridge High School, and I am committing to the University of Florida under Coach Jim McElwain. Go Gators.”

“I am committed to Florida because they are number three in Business in the nation. Also being around the new coaching staff with Jim McElwain, it feels comfortable. They have a high intensity and energy being with the players and how they relate with the players and have a good chemistry. Bing at practice, it seems like they just have a good mesh with the players. Being around that it feels pretty comfortable and it feels like home.”

“My goals when I get to Florida are to work hard when it comes to school first, when it comes to the books it is the number one focus. You can’t do anything in life without school. Other than that when it comes to football and the reason I chose Florida was to show people I can get on the field, work hard, and show that we will put Florida back on the map. We will win national championships. I feel with Coach McElwain that is something he is going to bring back to the University of Florida."

“This is my mom, Willette Tisdale. Having her be a part of this whole recruiting process and me committing to the University of Florida, it means a lot because she pushes me all day every day and pushes me just to work hard. There are plenty of people like me on the football team and when I get to college the people have the same type of abilities, so she always pushes me to work hard and when people aren’t looking. Hard work is going to pay off. Having her with me throughout the process means a lot, because it is something that all athletes need. It means a lot to her also."

Willette Tisdale: “I am very proud of Tyrek. He’s a hard worker, he works really hard and is very competitive. He wants to be number one in everything he does. If he’s not number one he is going to try everything he can. He will condition and everything he needs to do to be number one. He is always smiling, even when he is angry, or upset, he is always smiling."

"It means a lot for him to commit to Florida, for one it’s right down the road, an hour and 45 minute drive from the house. That’s a good thing for me and my family that we can go down the road and make it to as many games as possible to see him.”

“It’s going to be sad. I am going to cry when he leaves me. I am going to miss Tyrek a whole lot when he leaves. He is my only child and I am just going to miss him. I won’t have anyone to take out the trash, to clean the patio, to take the dogs out. Besides that, I am going to miss Tyrek a whole lot when he leaves me.”

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