Quincy Wilson part of Gators best unit

Quincy Wilson understands that a lot of the Gators' fortunes for 2015 will come with the success of the secondary. Without a doubt the best unit on he team, Wilson sas he and the boys are ready for it.

It is a unit that has been full of bravado, even from some that have a little, but not a great deal of experience. Still, the Florida secondary has been able to back things up, starting with the close of last year and then with a terrific spring under a new coaching staff.

Their overall numbers aren't big, but the talent goes 2-3 deep and should be rated among the best in the country this season.

With the Florida offense in flux for several reasons, the defense is going to have to pick it up a notch. With a top flight secondary, the defense should be able to take some chances and really push the envelope this year.

Quincy Wilson will be one of the key players in the secondary rotation and he spent a few minutes with the media talking about all of the above and more.

Watch it here.

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