Tebow is back and good for football

At a time when there is so much negative in pro sports off the field, Tim Tebow needs to be in the game. There have been ambassadors of good will in the game before, but maybe never a more spellbinding character as Tim Tebow when it comes to doing good off the field.

As it appears that the Philadelphia Eagles are about to sign Tim Tebow to a contract and all is better in the world of football.

Forget that Tebow should be a natural fit for the kind of things that head coach Chip Kelly wants to do, we will get to that in a minute. Tebow brings an air of genuine integrity to the sport, not necessarily more than some of the better people in it, but the way he carries himself and his persona bring the right kind of attention to a sport that needs it.

With players in the league and in the top of the draft that have less than stellar backgrounds off the field. Tebow, who has been scrutinized, researched, and followed as much as anyone in the sport brings a squeaky image and ability to relate to people in a combination not seen anywhere.

This is why so many non-Florida Gator fans love the man. He is absolutely genuine in terms of his care for other people in a profession that lacks that from most.

Welcome back Tim Tebow. Gator fans and the world are glad to have you back.


As for on the field, is there any question that if Chip Kelly were to draw up a quarterback in terms of the kinds of things he does on the football field, with the fire and desire he exerts on the field, and with the ability to deliver a message to his team, that the player would be Tim Tebow?

Even a year before Tebow arrived in the NFL people were scoffing at a guy that runs better than he passes and would rather take on a middle linebacker, than run around him. Then we see an influx of athletic quarterbacks that are steadily gaining yardage on the ground as well as with their arm.

Yet, teams are enamored with the golden arm. Brains are good, but they pale in comparison to the ability to throw the ball on a rope for 40 yards. How many times do we hear the term “ability to throw the deep out”?

Well, that last part isn’t Tebow. That isn’t his forte. But, if you wanted the other characteristics described above, then you have your man. Chip Kelly may very well have his man.

Word on this end is one thing that Kelly has really despised about the NFL is the prima donna quarterbacks in the league. They are paid too much to do things he doesn’t care nearly about on the football field. Give him a guy that can move the chains with his arm and his legs… a guy that can hit the deep ball when others aren’t expecting it… a guy that is a team first guy and a leader of men.

Kelly is a coach with a system designed to get guys open and make plays. He needs a quarterback that can do the little things he needs done to make that system run. People like me, they believe it was a match made in heaven and Kelly has found his guy.

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