Hollywood Bob's Midnight Matinee (4/21)

We take a look at the offensive side of the ball and a lot of the most likely targets at this point in time including quarterback Dwayne Haskins (pictured above).

With the spring evaluation period on us, the Florida staff will soon be making some changes in terms of adding more names to the recruiting board as well as maybe adjusting some prospects toff of the board that they liked up to this point.

Florida needs at least one quarterback and possibly two in the 2016 class. There certainly is no clear answer as to who they are going to land, but we take a look at some of the more likely possibilities.

The running back position is much of the same. We knew coming into this recruiting year that the position wasn't a very deep one in-state, so the Gators could very well turn out-of-state to find the answer at the position. We give you the most likely scenarios at this point.

The complete opposite is where we are at with the receiver position. The state is as loaded as it has ever been and Florida is in good shape with some of the top prospects they are after. We take a look at all the talent and name a few of the most likely to end up in the class.

We see two main possibilities at tight end. WE talk about both.

Finally, the offensive line will need another big class as the staff looks to fill needs. The numbers in-sate aren't bad as far as the norm, but they aren't great either. Still, there is enough possibilities along with some out-of-state gems that the gators should do well on the offensive line.

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