Gators Coaching Search Nuggets

Franz Beard has been covering Gator Basketball for well over a decade now and with his connections has been bringing us the latest on the coaching search at Florida. Within the confines of our insider message board you can find out the latest nuggets about ewhat is going on.

Richard Pitino?

Archie Miller?

Chris Mack?

Bryce Drew?

Michael White?

These are just some of the names we are hearing things about, and some much more than others.

It won't be easy filling the shoes of Billy Donovan, but that is the task at hand for Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley. The Gator program is at a level now higher than it has ever been with a job search on the line.

Inside our message boards at Fightin' Gators we have a bevy of sources and right now Franz beard is lighting up every contact he has to bring you the latest he is hearing on the job search. Come check it out now and see how all of it is going. Here are just a couple of threads started about the search.

You won't have to wait long for a new coach

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