Michael White: Expert says good for Gators

He fits the Jeremy Foley mold for a head coach in just about every way imaginable. He is young, he comes with the reputation of being a good recruiter, he communicates well with fans and players, and he has probably exceeded expectations at his current job. Welcome to Gator Nation Michael White.

On his way to becoming the Florida head coach, Michael White had just one pit stop as a head coach and is leaving Louisiana Tech. Though he has just three rides to the NIT Tournament to his name, he has become a coach that people like to watch and listen to and players like to play for.

Scout.com national basketball analyst Brian Snow talks a little bit about the man that has to follow in the footsteps of the best coach in the history of Florida sports, Billy Donovan.

“Mike White is a heck of a dude and a very good basketball coach,” Snow said. “He will most definitely appeal to Florida fans and boosters when they meet him, and he will "win the press conference” so to speak. White has had some solid recruiting success at a tough job, and that should bode well at Florida.”

In fact, at his first and only head coaching stint at Louisiana Tech White actually mined Florida for a lot of his talent. Five of the 13 players on his roster played high school basketball in the state of Florida. Now basketball is a national recruiting sport, but having those kinds of roots in the state can be a big thing. And recruiting is a huge deal and was for Athletics’ Director Jeremy Foley when he made the choice of the 38 year old White.

“As the saying goes in the SEC right now, you are swimming with sharks, so he will have to prove he can out recruit the big boys,” Snow said of White. Will he be able to do it? That is the question, but he is a personable guy with some talented young assistants on staff, so I think he will find a way to be successful.”

He sounds a lot like a young guy that started at Florida 19 years ago. That is something we can all hope for.

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