Hollywood Bob's Midday Matinee (5/7/15)

Come on to the insider message boards at Fightin' Gators as we break down the entire recruiting board for you. Things are moving fast, so it may have to be overhauled next week, but we bring you the latest.

The Gators added a quarterback to the offer list this week. We bring you the four most prominent targets at the position at this stage of the game. The position is ultra-important for many reasons, we talk about all of that.

Florida has a few targets at running back and the list is growing, but we givbe you a look at the most likely scenarios at the position.

The receiver position is the richest we have ever seen it. The gators look to sign a nice crop whichever way it goes, but we try to point you in the right direction for where they might be headed.

Offensive line is always important and still a position they nee to sign numbers. There are a lot of possibilities, which wasy does Florida look to be headed?

The defensive line also has plenty of targets, tackle will be a little more difficult than end to figure out, but we do our best at both inside.

The Gators have signed just one linebacker in the last two recruiting classes. The numbers have to pick up starting in this class. We think they will, we give you a feel for what may happen inside.

Finally, the secondary looks to add 5-6 in the class after only signing three a year ago. What will happen there? We take a look at it.

Jump on inside our recruiting message board and check out the latest with Hollywood Bob's Midday Matinee (5/7/15).

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