100 wishes for Gator football: Day #93

Thursday marks the 93rd day until the Florida Gators kickoff the season and we continue with our good wishes for Jim McElwain’s first go as the Florida head coach. Today our wish comes in the form of something McElwain and his staff have no say over. The hope is for a game time schedule that really helps the Gators.

For years Gator fans complained about too many midday games. While coaches of old really liked the games because it allowed these Florida players to play in the sun against teams that are just not used to the brutal heat. That was multiplied back in the days with the astroturf field as that surface was blistering hot for anyone standing on it.

McElwain and company have inherited a tough schedule as usual for the Gators. Making things a little tougher this year is the fact they open up the season with seven games in a row and without a week off. There is only one off week this year due to the season starting on September 5, but it is like that for everyone.

The break isn’t too bad because it is centrally located with five games in a row after the break. But that long run at the beginning of the season could be made a little more advantageous with the proper television times.

For example, having New Mexico State and East Carolina as evening games would be great for the crowd and those may not be teams that would matter as much as far as a heat advantage. The next week they travel to Kentucky, so keep that from being a night game where the crowd might get rowdy. In week four, how about a noon game with the Tennessee Vols coming to town on September 25. Give them Vols a possible taste of the Florida heat.

By October the heat will start being less of a factor, so the week after Tennessee, how about a night time game against Ole Miss where The Swamp could be jumping. Stay away from that noon game a week later on the road against Missouri where the Gators have struggled in that time slot against the Tigers in the last few years. Stay away from the night game at LSU the following week. That time slot one will all be up to how good the teams are at that point.

The Georgia game is now set in stone at 3:30 and that game comes after the break in the schedule. The Vanderbilt game comes at home and any time is there, then comes South Carolina on the road. Stay away from the night game if possible. Give me prime time against the Noles to finish off the season. The Swamp always rocks at night with FSU in town.

Honestly this isn’t asking too much from the scheduling gods just to get a few of these done. Some games scheduled at the right time could certainly help this new staff start off a new era.

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