Countdown to Kickoff: #93 Taven Bryan

Continuing our countdown to the season with the player jersey numbers and Thursday marks the 93rd day before the Gators kickoff the season. Number 93 is belongs to redshirt freshman defensive end Taven Bryan. Bryan may very well be the most intriguing player on the entire Gator roster.

It isn’t every year Florida gets a prospect from Wyoming when they recruit for the football team. As a matter fact, I don’t ever remember another Gator player from Wyoming other than Taven Bryan.

To think that Florida would go that far and to that desolate of a place to find an athletic talent seems beyond imagination, but Bryan is a different kind of animal when it comes to being an athlete.

To say that he was raw when he showed up a year ago is a pretty good understatement; the fact is Bryan never saw any kind of competition in Wyoming that he would have seen in Florida. But, at 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds this guy runs faster than most, he jumps higher, he moves quicker, he does all of those physical thing better than anyone else his size, that he could very well be labeled as a freak. When you throw in his bull like strength, his upside is as good as it gets.

Who knows when the big time light will come on, but getting playing time for Bryan this year won’t be an issue. He will push the starters up front and can play outside as an end or inside as a three technique. He spent a lot of time at the 3-technique defensive tackle spot in the spring and started some there.

The best thing about Bryan is that he will only get better the more he plays against the talent he sees in practice and on Saturdays every week.

Number 93 for the Florida Gators is redshirt Freshman Taven Bryan.

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