100 wishes for Gator football: Day #92

Friday marks the 92nd day until the Florida Gators kickoff the season and we continue with our good wishes for Jim McElwain’s first go as the Florida head coach. Today our wish comes in the form of Mother Nature. We hope that the Gators experience a lightning free August.

By now we all know about the new 120 yard indoor Practice Facility (IPF) that is being built. It should be a very nice structure when all is said and done compared to any other that is out there. The one problem for this year and this year alone is that the construction of the place is not due to be done until the first week in September or so.

Flashback to last season and in August… it was one of the most rained filled and lightning filled months in recent history around Gainesville. The football team missed practice after practice on a squad that was trying to make a meteoric change on offense. They had to transport to the O’Connell Center hard floor or underneath the overhang t ben Hill Griffin Stadium. These are places you can’t really run routes and other things needed to conduct a serious practice. A lot of valuable time was missed and inevitably it didn’t help anyone that was involved with the football program to win football games.

Let’s take another flashback, 10 years earlier. We all remember 2004 as the year that four hurricanes travelled across the state and really disrupted the football season here at Florida More practices were missed in that year than likely ever before because of the lightning and bad weather and because there was no place to really conduct a practice that was conducive to helping a team win.

What do the two seasons have in common? They were the last seasons of the last two coaches that were fired at Florida.

Certainly that isn’t in the cards with the new staff here, but let’s hope that the lack of an IPF for the month of August won’t set this team back any and they can have a smooth month of preparation for a season that will be challenging already.

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