Time well spent at Florida by Heggie

Mount Dora center Brett Heggie visited Florida on Wednesday and really had his eyes opened on the visit.

Brett Heggie is doing his due diligence in checking out possible school choices when it comes time to do that. With that in mind he stopped in at Florida and learned quite a few good things about campus life for a Florida football player, as well as getting to know the coaching staff better than before he visited.

“I got there around 11,” Heggie said about his Thursday visit to Florida. “My goal today was to go in and see the coaching staff and say hello to everybody, but I really wanted to go see the campus and more of everything.

“As soon as I got there I got someone to show me a full tour of everything, not just the facilities, but the entire campus. I love the campus. I didn’t know how close everything was. You have the dorm room, then the practice field and IPF, then The Swamp, and weight room.”

Heggie has a pretty big connection to Florida.

“One of my older brothers is a Mechanical Engineer there and has been there since January,” he said. “I sat down with Coach Summers and met with him for about an hour and half. Then I talked to Coach Mac a little bit and then left to go visit my brother, so it was a really cool trip.”

Head coach Jim McElwain and offensive line coach Mike Summers got to really hear more about Heggie and he more about them.

“They are excited about everything,” he said about talking to the Gator staff. “I talked with Coach Summers and that was very important to me. I talked to him for about an hour and a half to build that relationship. He told me about their situation on the recruiting end. I know they are in need of linemen. They didn’t pressure me at all or with my decision. They told me to take my time with it and they understand it is a process.

“I was just glad to just sit down and talk for a while because I haven’t talked with them much in person. Sitting down with them in person was real important to me.”

When asked about the things that hit home with him and he took the most from, Heggie didn’t hesitate.

“Coach Summers really stood out to me,” he said. “I think he is a great guy and a phenomenal coach. I loved the campus. I like how everything kind of surrounds the stadium. I think overall the visit was great.”

When talking to him, you can kind of sense that Heggie wants to get this recruiting thing done and so that is the case when I asked.

“I am not ready to make a decision, but I think I am at a point in the process where I want to know what I am doing,” he said. “It would be ideal if I could decide by the end of the summer. I just want to know where I am going and focus on my senior season.”

With that in mind, he knows the top schools that he likes, but is only willing to say that one of them is definitely in that group at this time.

“I haven’t made an official top group but I have a top five or six,” he said. “I will say Florida is in there.”

Florida is looking to sign a prospect at every position on the offensive line and Heggie is the top prospect at the center position for the Gators. With summer here and fall just around the corner, it shouldn’t be much longer before the Gators find out what the young man is thinking. They certainly have some things going for them having heard what he said on Thursday. We will continue to follow his recruitment.

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