Don’t be 'that guy' for the Gators

For Caleb Brantley and Adam Lane, the mistake they made on July 4th paints a bad picture for them and their teammates.

There is no way of getting around it. When one player on a team of 100 makes a criminal decision and gets caught, they all take a hit for it. As much as the locker room at Florida has been ‘cleaned up’ from recent years gone by there has been a few scrapes with the law that have come up recently. On Saturday it was reported that sophomore running back Adam Lane and sophomore defensive tackle Caleb Brantley were cited for walking out on a $90 restaurant and bowling tab at a Gainesville establishment.

How two 20 year old men that play football for the Florida Gators would think they would get away with something like that may be cause for alarm in itself, but the act was just selfish and negligent.

Lucky for Jim McElwain and staff the remainder of his roster has a pretty clear record with the law and the overall perception of the group n hand isn’t as bad as we hear in some places not too far from Gainesville.

Still, this is a new regime at Florida and one that wants to win and do it the right way. That means having players on the roster that can be trusted to do their job and do the right thing off the field.

To my knowledge there is nobody on the current roster that has been charged and not cleared of any misdemeanor or felony crime except Brantley and Lane. Right now, each one of them is “that guy”… not the kind of stigma they certainly want over their head.

These kinds of things are brushed over elsewhere, and although they shouldn’t be thrown to the curb as long as they make retribution, these two should pay a price for what they did… and they will.

The last thing you want is for the national media to back on top of Florida like they were before with all of the criminal stuff the Gators were talked about. Florida State is certainly going through that kind of stuff right now. The current regime and the last one certainly take different stances to these things than what we see in Tallahassee and what we have seen here before. That is how it should be.

I can tell you this much, I wouldn’t want to be ‘that guy’.

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