Poole loves them Gators fans

With offers and recruiting going on in several different classes of prospects these days, sometimes things can fall through the cracks. Such is the case with William Poole and the Gators.

Atlanta (Ga.) Hapeville Charter 4-star cornerback William Poole is one of the most talented prospects in the country in the class of 2017 and about six hours from the University of Florida. With communications limited to the prospects contacting the staff, there was a bit of a miscommunication going on and Poole didn’t know he had a scholarship offer from Florida to go along with his 20+ offers from the best schools in the country. On Monday he found out and called Kirk Callahan, Florida’s defensive back’s coach.

“Coach Cal was asking how recruiting was going, what camps I was going to, and just general questions,” Poole said by phone Monday early evening after just getting off the phone with Callahan. “Then he asked me when I was going to commit. I told him my parents weren’t going to let me commit until after my junior season.”

Callahan said the things that Poole needed to hear in the short conversation.

We didn’t get into too much, we were only on the phone for about two minutes, but he told me that I was a very talented kid and has been watching me for a while.”

“He thought I knew I had an offer already, but I didn’t know.”

Poole says there is plenty to like and love about Florida and was excited to learn of the offer.

“They are a very talented program and very successful,” he said of the Gators. “They have a great defensive coordinator. My main focus is their defensive coordinator and their secondary.

“One thing I really love about the Florida is the fans. Before I even knew I had an offer the fans were crazy, showing me love on Twitter, everything.”

He also has been in heavy conversations with Florida’s main recruiter in the 2016 class. Chauncey Gardner is a 4-star defensive back from Cocoa that has been very active on Twitter. The two have been trading thoughts on the Gators for a while.

“The main commit I talk to is Chauncey Gardner,” he said. “He tells me a lot about Florida and tells me it’s a family down there. This fall I am going down for a game to see everything for myself. Coach Cal said he wants me to come down for a game.”

Poole describes himself as a long corner with the ability to play any way they need him to.

“As a player I am good off and on, in man and zone coverage,” he said. “I am lengthy and play the ball.”

He still has two years of high school football to play, but is starting to understand the things he is looking for in a program.

“Anything that is pretty close, not too far away, not west coast or somewhere you need a plane,” he said of the distance factor. “I want good academics and a good program that produces and develops their athletes well. I want a family feel and want a good relationship with the coaches.”

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