Ahmad Fulwood at home now in complex offense

Expect to see junior receiver Ahmad Fulwood catch passes all over the field.

In the Birmingham Bowl game against East Carolina back in January, junior receiver Ahmad Fulwood had somewhat of a breaking out party. A huge 86-yard touchdown pitch and catch showed some jets that a lot of folks didn’t know he possessed.

A highly rated receiver out of high school, Fulwood has been mired in offenses that have lacked any imagination and nearly no success, especially in the passing game. Fulwood believes ths one will be different for the Gators.

“It’s very complex,” Fulwood said late last week. “I like that. At first it was hard to get in the spring, but the repetitions in practice got me in the right spot. Now we’ve done it over and over in the summer and I have it down.”

Fulwood is excited about the offense and his role in it, which looks to be very versatile. He likes the makeup of his receiver unit and says they are all on the same page when it comes to the season.

“I can catch shallow routes, intermediate, or long balls,” he said. “I just know that every receiver is working together to get everyone else open. There is a lot of movement and a lot of pressing to get receivers open. I can do hitches, or crossing routes, any route in the play book is open up to anyone.”

Now it is all about figuring out who the quarterback will be and getting as much time as possible with him and the receivers catching the ball.

“Getting routes with the quarterbacks is the most important thing,” he said. “When it comes to game time you can create that rhythm and that connection with the quarterback.”

Expect Fulwood to start on the outside and be a major contributor this season. A lot will depend on the play of the quarterback and the offensive line, but Fulwood seems primed to break out and live up to the reputation he was recruited to Florida for.

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