Podcast: Gators and More; August 19

We are all still getting used to Jim McElwain as he moves toward his first season as the head coach at the University of Florida. It is becoming a little more clear the little things to pick up on when the man talks.

It is a coach's nature not to divulge every little thing that happens on a closed practice field these days. Some coaches will totally go away from any of the truth when talking about their team.

There are some that will say some things and unless you know a little more about them, they could go right over your head.

Jim McElwain is one of the latter. He isn't going to lie about his team, yet he also isn't going to come out and tell you how great someone was or how poorly this other player was on any given day. He isn't going to tell you the offense dominated or the defense dominated after a given practice.

However, he will give you a lot of hints on things and if you can scrape up a detail or two from somewhere else, a lot of his little hints really come to life.

Bob Redman and Denny Courson discuss Florida football practice and wht kind of weekend the Gators had. It is one of the more spirited shows we have done and we think you will enjoy it, so come give it a try.

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