Gators finally use Indoor Practice Facility

After decades of needing an indoor practice facility, the Florida football team finally practiced in their new structure on Saturday.

Despite seaons where the weather absolutely was an issue for the Florida Gators, the thought of an indoor practice facility (IPF) was never high on the agenda of the administration.

That all changed last year when another year of storms kept the Florida Gators from practicing during crucial weeks in the fall. By early October there were plans to get one done.

The project was bid on and settled until new head coach Jim McElwain came to town and decided that the previous vision of the practice field was only 70 yards and not conducive to getting the work done they needed done when they had to use it.

McElwain convinced the current administration that the Gators needed a regular sized football field (100 yards)inside, with both endzones included which now gives them the largest in the state and bigger and more modern than most of their competitors.

Jim McElwain has shown his displeasure at times with having to deal with the weather and he will not have to do that again. Lightning nor excessive heat will be an issue as the Gators will practice in a covered and coll environment and their first indoor practice facility in history.

One has to wonder with Florida being the lightning capital of the world, what took so long? But, one doesn't have to wonder how soon they will use it. Not only was it extremely hot on Saturday, but a lighting storm rolled through Gainesville just at practice time.

And just in time for them to use their new facility for the first time.

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