Bailey sees simpler offense for Gators

As the Florida program searches to fix its passing game that has been broken for the last five seasons, receiver Alvin Bailey said the Gators’ scheme is actually simpler this fall.

The route tree has expanded. The difficulty to learn has shrunk.

It might be tough to understand, but the Florida receivers believe this will be the year things change in the passing game because of what they can do through the air.

“(The route tree is) twice as big but it’s twice as simple,” Alvin Bailey said. “Better routes. It’s much easier. It’s bigger and longer, gives a player more routes to show their skillset, even though it’s twice as big it’s twice as simple.

“We have players who’s skill set are getting used in the offense to better use the offense as a whole so it’s going to be pretty good this year.”

The offense was installed in the spring. The Florida players worked with coach Jim McElwain and offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier to implement what the coaches wanted to run. They put the base offense in and tried to perfect it. This fall, they’ve worked on gaining a deeper knowledge as the installation continues through fall camp.

They’ve spent time watching film this fall and trying to make sure the receivers are up to date. As the offense expands and each player’s responsibility increases, the unit continues to believe it’s ready to impress the country.

“It’s pretty much easier,” Bailey said of the offense. “Everything is laid out. It’s pretty easy. Coach Nuss makes it simple for every receiver to understand what they have to do on the play and everyone knows each assignment on film.”

Bailey has worked mostly in the slot with Brandon Powell. The coaches are moving all the receivers around the field to create mismatches for the opposing defense, whether it’s the Florida defense in practice or a different defense in games this fall. However, Bailey and Powell are working mostly at the slot to improve together during practice.

“I've done pretty good,” Bailey said. “Me and Brandon, we work with each other to get each other better each and every day in the slot. I think we've done pretty good."?

The problem for the Florida offense in recent years has been a struggle to find multiple receivers that can create matchup problems. Last season, Demarcus Robinson led the Gators with 810 receiving yards but received almost no help from any of the other receivers. Powell has been the main one targeted to fix that this season. The coaching staff brought him to SEC Media Days in July, signaling their confidence in a breakout year that was set to come for him.

But behind Powell and Robinson, Bailey still believes there are more receivers set to help the offense.

“I think we’ve got a bunch of playmakers this year,” Bailey said. “We are going to use mostly everybody, sprout it out so everybody is going to get a chance to make plays instead of it just being other teams to focus on one player. I think everyone is going to be able to put the impact in this year.”

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