Making sense of Gators' recruiting (8/31/15)

With about five months until signing day, the recruiting process actually slows down a little bit. Still, there are a lot of questions to be answered and we tackjle a bunch of them every day.

In this latest question and answer segment we tackle a great deal of questions about Florida's recruiting. BUt you will have to come inside the message boards aFightin' Gators to get the answers to these...

Who will be the hidden gem of this upcoming class?

How much did giving out scholarships to the walk-ons affect the upcoming recruiting class?

Is Savion Smith out of the picture or is UF still recruiting him?

Do we have any chance with the Alabama LBs Ben Davis and Lyndell Wilson?

Do you know what Cam Cameron's relationship to Franks is? Is he the main one recruiting Franks? I have to wonder if the news of Cameron possibly leaving LSU after this year would affect Franks' decision.

What area is the biggest need & how are we doing there?

Has the staff made any attempts to recruit 5 star LB Dylan Moses since he de-committed from LSU?

Bob, you said, "After talking to Jeremiah Moon, I wasn’t liking some of the things he said, but I think the fact the other schools of interest are South Carolina and Mississippi State, makes me feel better." What did Moon say that you did not like?

Why do we seem to struggle signing elite LBs? We have been stellar at DB and pretty solid at DL but with LB recruiting we seem to be in a continual catch up mode.

Chances we close on both Shavar Manuel and Dexter Lawrence?

Are there any "athletes" in this class? Special teams gurus that don't have a defined position and could end up on either side of the ball? I'd like to see some more speed guys like Powell show up, guys that can make you miss in the open field and take it the distance. (Harvin, Rainey, Demps, BJames, Purifoy etc..)

Tre Nixon a Gator on NSD?

Bob using your crystal ball do you think that if we sign Franks there is any chance that increases the chances of Allen flipping before 2017? Allen, to me, is one of the best HS QB's seen in years.

Are we still looking good for the flip u mentioned that got pushed back to mid September? If so is it still gonna be mid-September when he actually does flip to us? Can you tell us if he's offense or defense at least? Is Robinson all Stanford's, or do we have a legitimate chance with him?

As of now, how confident are you the Gators get Binjimen Victor?

Where is Tyrie Cleveland on our WR board?

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