Making sense of Gators' recruiting (9/2/15)

We are on our continuous question and answer log on Florida football recruiting with our members here at Fightin' Gators.

The football season is here and although recruiting has slowed a bit because of it, the questions still remain on how the Gators will finish in the class of 2016 and how they are doing for future recruiting classes.

Here are the latest questions from our members that we answer on the insider message boards here at Fightin' Gators.

Is there a 5 star or highly rated guy that needs to commit to get the other big fish on board?

What are your early thoughts on where UF stands with 5-star 2017 STA WR, Trevon Grimes?

Bob, do you feel good about Felipe Franks? Can you give us more details about your optimism? If Franks does not sign with UF, who do you believe will be the second QB in the Class?

Is 27 still the number you're hearing for scholarships this year or are there rumblings of still more attrition where that number may go up a bit? Binjimen Victor leaning to OSU?

Do you think Sam Bruce and Freddie Swain will be Gators ?

Are we trending up for these American heritage players, Brian Burns, Nick Eubanks, Tedarell Slaton and Kai-Leon Herbert?

What is it that gives you so much confidence in us landing Shavar Manuel? Nate Craig-Meyers also?

If any at all... who will be the first 5*?

Something we have needed for a long time, a pied piper for a class regardless of star rating, OR a 5 star guy who brings others based on status....what are your thoughts on either of these situations going forward this season. I’m more interested in the 5* "leader" type that brings attention based on status, because I know you have spoken about Tisdale (though not highly rated) and Gardner doing some recruiting.

Can you break-down by position on how many recruits we will be taking for the 2016 class?

Are we still going after Hunter Johnson?

Do you think some of our offensive recruits are waiting to commit so they can wait and see? If our offense shows signs of life, and continues to improve throughout the season, at what point do you think the "wait-and-see" recruits start believing and would commit? I'm thinking, we'll probably look good against NMST and ECU, and maybe UK. But if we look decent against UT, is that enough in your opinion?

Bob there has been an implication that guys like Bruce, NCM, Victor, etc...have been waiting to see who we get at QB before they will commit. Worst case scenario we don't get any 2016 QB to flip. Do you think we will miss out on them… especially if the offense struggles this year?

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