Florida versus East Carolina football and everything you need to know

It doesn’t matter how good we all believe the quarterbacks played a week ago. Jim McElwain is looking for more from his guys.

Florida Gators (1-0) vs. East Carolina Pirates (1-0)

Saturday September 12, 2015; 7 P.M.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, Florida


As Florida heads into the second game of the season and the fans feel much better about things right now than they have in a while. Florida head coach Jim McElwain is still looking for more. One of the things he really wants form his offense is to be able to dictate the speed of things on the field. Not always lightning fast, but fast when he wants it fast and slow it down when he calls for that.

“We have certain tempos and certain pace we expect to play going into different series, just to change it up and not be the same way every series,” McElwain said earlier in the week. “In a couple of instances we had some certain ways we expected to play certain series and didn’t get it done.

“That’s new for a lot of guys and yet it is something we have done everywhere we have been.”

While most outside of the football offices have been celebrating the efficiency of both quarterbacks in the game, McElwain says they did nothing special last week.

“I don’t know if surprised is the right word,” he said when asked. “It is something we expect. I was very pleased with how they distributed the ball and how they took what the defense gave them. They weren’t just looking for one target to bail them out and that is what we try to coach at that position.

“I was very pleased and every time we go out we expect to do that and yet I know it doesn’t happen all the time. At the same time I was very happy with how they handled those things and we’ll see if we will be able to do that and put back to back games together.

McElwain is excited about the running game they feel like they will put on the field this year. He was asked if a good running game will help the young quarterbacks play better.

“There is no doubt,” he answered. “If you’re able to run the football a little bit, it sure takes some of the pressure (away). We always talk about that position (quarterback), that it is as much about that position as the other ten around him and what you are able to create balance. That helps you create the element of surprise in what you are doing.

“I thought Kelvin Taylor had a real good game, but we were also able to keep him fresh because we rotated our two freshmen in there, Jordan Scarlett and Jordan Cronkrite. It was good to see them get the reps as they did. We are going to try and do everything we can to keep those guys as fresh as possible.”

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