Jim McElwain blows up on Kelvin Taylor during the game

Jim McElwain is being scrutinized for yelling at a player on the sideline. Think what you want, but he got his point across.

I will bet you won’t see another throat slashing gesture from a Florida Gator this year, and likely never under head coach Jim McElwain’s tenure.

Kelvin Taylor thought it was a good idea at the time when he scored a touchdown Saturday night in the fourth quarter to give the Gators what would amount to a 14 point lead. Taylor slowed his pace after entering the end zone and then with gusto did the throat slashing motion across his neck.

Yes there were other celebration penalties and those are sometimes arbitrary calls  given the crew of referees on whether they actually call them. And McElwain wasn't pleased with these either. But, this particular act is absolutely a no-no and all of the players, coaches, and even fans know it and it is passed down from the NCAA as such. To do it will draw a flag no matter what.

So when McElwain found out what the call was, he lit into Taylor on the sideline and for the entire universe to see on television and now Twitter. Here is one version that is out there from a fan in the stands.


It was harsh, and there is no doubt he wanted all of the teammates to watch. Because this just can’t happen. As it turns out the Gators had to kick the ball from the 20 on the ensuing kickoff which resulted in a quick touchdown for East Carolina.

With 3:04 left in the fourth quarter, Florida led just 31-24. The game was in the balance with the offense having to go and try and run out the clock with a couple of first downs. Taylor’s second lesson was about to come.

Surprisingly enough Taylor went right back in the game. As a matter of fact, McElwain lined the offense in up in a sure running formation with no wide outs and was willing to put it all on Taylor’s shoulders. Three plays later, three rushes by Taylor, the Gators would punt.

East Carolina had the ball now with 1:55 left on the clock and a chance to tie the game. Taylor’s bone headed move after the touchdown maybe cost his team a victory and save for a defense that forced their third turnover of the night, the Gators wouldn’t see overtime and did walk away from The Swamp Saturday with a victory.

I’m not sure how much more McElwain could do to get a point across and still have the end effect of winning the game, but he certainly got his point across.

Taylor, who didn’t want to even watch McElwain during the tirade tweeted Sunday afternoon about the small event that has since dominated twitter.

McElwain continued his dislike for the penalties that are “all about me” from his team after the game when he met with the media. It was an emotional press conference which you can see part of below.

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