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Breaking down Gators offense versus ECU

Here is a breakdown of every play of the Gators’ offense vs. East Carolina in the 31-24 win by Florida.

SERIES 1: Score 0-7; (Start at -17 yard line): Kelvin Taylor on an inside zone to the right, gets (+4) no real hole there.  2nd &6 – Empty backfield, 5-man protection; middle linebacker blitz and center Cameron Dillard doesn’t pick him up instead he doubles with the right guard on a block mn comes free up the middle and sacks Grier. Should be noted that with 5 man protection, the ball needed to be out quickly. 3rd &15 – Screen for Taylor who gets six, Trip Thurman missed kickout block, but he wouldn’t have gotten much further.


DRIVE KILLER: Sack on 2nd down due to missed blocking assignment.


SERIES 2: Score 0-7; (-42 yard line): False start by Cyontai Lewis, missed snap count. 2nd &15 – Draw to Taylor who finds a tiny crease between center and right guard and runs straight up field for 11 yards. 3rd &11 – Jordan Cronkrite with an outside zone run and gets a decent push from the offensive line he gets (+5). 1st &10 – 5 man protection this time and well blocked. A quick three step, set and throw down right sideline to Brandon Powell. Beautiful throw by Will Grier that Powell laid out for and made the 26 –yard catch down field. Should be noted that ball was spotted 2 yards further than when Powell hit the ground and at the 22. 1st &10 – Should have probably checked to a pass here with 7 in the box, but Taylor gets 3 yards on not much even though the line did have a nice push again. 2nd &7 – Pass interference call on the defense with a guy that hit Valdez Showers at the goal line. 1st &Goal – Power formation and OLine got really nice push right in the middle when Taylor decided to take it outside. He could have hit the goal line untouched instead ran wide where the defense outflanked the line for (-2). 2nd &5 – two tight receivers on both sides, goes to empty when Taylor flares out at snap. Defense brings six, so a man uncovered automatically. Grier had to make quick throw and threw it high to Robinson incomplete. 3rd &5 – Trips left and Robinson all alone on right side. He makes an inside move and leaves his defender stumbling and catches a quick touchdown pass from Grier. Play denied because of Pass Interference on McGee who was being held from his rout but called for pass interference from the line judge on the opposite side of the field. 3rd &20 – Empty backfield and a full drop, doesn’t seem smart to me, but Grier flushed forced to scramble and gets back to the line of scrimmage, fumbles but recovered.


DRIVE KILLER: Bogus pass interference call on McGee that nullified a touchdown.


SERIES 3: Score 3-7;(-26 yard line): 5 man protection and blocked 4 rushers well. Double tight end set to the right. DeAndre Goolsby runs a wheel route and Grier finds the hole just past the linebackers and hits Goolsby in stride and good for 24 yards. 1st &10 – 7 in the box probably should have checked to a pass. Inside zone to Jordan Scarlett and his progress stopped just (+2) yards with not much push from line. Fumble negated by stop in progress and whistle. 2nd &8 – Double tight end tight set and inside zone left and Cronkrite reads it well and cuts back right for (+6) yards. 3rd &2 – Grier with the play action bootleg motion to the right out of tight receivers formation and double tight end look.  Grier finds Goolsby on a 7 yard option route wide open. Goolsby sifts through the defense for a 32 yard TD catch.


SERIES BIG PLAYS: Two big catches by Goolsby and a nice run by Cronkrite on a bad down and distance play.


SERIES 4: Score 10-7; (-28 yard line): Cronkrite from pistol formation takes handoff. This time 8 in the box and it should have probably have been checked to a pass. Right tackle Mason Halter allows his man to slide by him and make the tackle at the line of scrimmage. 2nd &10 – 6-man protection went great really with the five and Grier was able to hit Cyontai Lewis for 6 yards near the right hash. 3rd &4 – Grier hits Powell on a 3 yard out and throws a little behind him not giving him the chance to run forward and get an extra yard. I know people say he ran the route too short, but the pass was made before he turned around.


DRIVE KILLER: First down run for zero. Bad blocking by Halter and play really should have been changed with 8 in the box.


SERIES 5: Score 10-7; (+15 yard line): Disagree with putting Treon in on this particular series and thought it at the time, only due to the fact that he went in cold and they got the ball so deep in enemy territory. Power formation with seven man offensive front. Seven in the box so at least even numbers. Inside zone right and looks like Taylor could have headed up in the middle more. Tool more of a route directly over right tackle and got (+4). 2nd &6 False start on Fredrick Johnson to lead off the series. 2nd &11 – Ahmad Fulwood takes a quick screen right and rumbles for (+7). 3rd &4 – 6-man protection, they bring five. Can’t see the receivers to know if they were open, but Treon had enough time to throw from his set, but eventually scrambles and is sacked for (-2).

SERIES RESULT: Missed short FG attempt.

DRIVE KILLER: False start on Johnson on 2nd &6.


SERIES 6: Score 10-7; (-32 yard line): 1 back power pistol formation with two tight ends close and Cronkrite finds a small crease between the left guard and tackle and isn’t touched until he gets (+18) on the play. 1st &10 – Bootleg rollout right and Treon doesn’t find an open man so he scrambles for (+15). 1st &10 – Power run with Thurman pulling right from his left guard spot. Blocked well and Cronkrite not touched till well after the line of scrimmage gets (+9). 2nd &1 – Scarlett on same play, but ECU tightened the outside. Scarlett still gets (+3). 1st &10 – Harris gets good protection from six and is a little late on the wheel route to Goolsby on the right side and it’s incomplete. (penalty for illegal shift). 1st &15 -  Defense playing way off and a quick screen to Fulwood and he runs for five before plowing over the man in front of him for an extra three yards and getting (+8) on the play. Brandon Powell with a great block of the closest defender on that play. 2nd &7 – Thurman pulls on that same power play again and Scarlett follows. Again tighter defense pinched and not a lot of room at point of attack and Scarlett gets (+3). 3rd &4 – Quick screen to Powell and right guard wasn’t quick enough at point of attack to make a block, he loses (-1).

SERIES RESULT: Missed short FG.

DRIVE KILLER: Penalty for illegal shift caused them to make up too much ground.

2nd HALF

SERIES 7: Score 10-7; (-25 yard line): Inside zone left and Taylor decides he wants to take it backside and gets (+4). Not a lot of movement up front, but think there were some large enough creases in direction of play and he should have stayed play side with his run.  2nd &6 – bootleg right and Grier throws the ball short to Callaway incomplete. 3rd &6 – Grier drops back and sets only to find no one open. With a small crease he takes off running for (+19). 1st &10 – Grier with the underthrown deep ball to Demarcus Robinson who had single coverage. He needed to lay it out deeper for him. 2nd – 10 Lead play again with Thurman pulling right and Taylor follows it through and gets (+9). 3rd &1 – Inside zone right and Riles allowed his man to get leverage and force Taylor to stop while the backside pursuit caught up and he lost yardage.


DRIVE KILLER: The last play only needed one yard, but right guard didn’t push his man enough forward and lost leverage for his teammates to come in and make the tackle.


SERIES 8: Score 10-7; (-24 yard line): blitz and Grier gets off a ctachable ball to Alvin Bailey. Bailey hits the ground and ball bounces up into defenders arm.

SERIES RESULT: Interception

DRIVE KILLER: Just one play and it went bad.


SERIES 9: Score 10-14; (-43 yard line): Quick screen from Grier to Robinson. Antonio Callaway gets his block on that side then Robinson does all the rest making three people miss for a (+14) yard gain.  1st &10 – Another of the runs with Thurman pulling from left to right and Taylor follows him through the hole for (+8) yards. The play was timed nicely. 2nd &2 – same screen play to the left side for Robinson this time with an extra defender. When he catches he immediately has to make someone miss and Powell takes care of second defender. Robinson rambles for (+16) on the play. 1st &10 – double reverse that ends up in Powell’s hands. He has to cut up inside when blockers in front can’t seal the edge for him. Powell gets (+3) on the play. 2nd &7 – Robinson takes the quick screen directly outside on this one and gets (+9). Then a personal foul hit out of bounds is called. 1st &4 – Naked bootleg and Grier tries to hit McGee by throwing off his back foot and throws behind and almost picked off. 2nd &4 – Under center and it looks like Grier tripped Cronkrite when handing off. Cronkrite loses (-2) yards 3rd &6 – They line Robinson all alone on the right side and Grier guns one just over the outstretched hands of a linebacker underneath and Robinson gets the touchdown. 


BIG PLAYS: Robinson screens of (+14), (+16), and (+9). Taylor run for (+9). Personal foul call. Touchdown on 3rd &6.


SERIES 10: Score 17-14; (-36 yard line):  Thurman pulls again and this time it sis bunched quickly. Gators had the numbers there and needed better push only get (+1) on the play. 2nd &9 – It appears that Grier and receiver weren’t on same page and he nearly threw an interception. 3rd &9 – Goolsby interfered with on right side, not called and almost intercepted.


DRIVE KILLER: Getting one yard on first down hurts and then lack of call by ref on 3rd down took away a sure first down.


SERIES 11: Score 24-14; (-20 yard line): Treon screen to the right was low and incomplete. 2nd &10 – zone stretch and Scarlett gets to the edge quickly where he cuts sharb back inside for (+14) yards. 1st &10 – Fumble on exchange where Mark Herndon wasn’t expecting the ball.




SERIES 12: Score 24-17; (-25 yard line): The best throw and read of the game. Goolsby’s defender twitched like he was going to blitz. Treon and Goolsby spotted it before the snap. Goolsby ran a wheel route and the ball was perfectly thrown and caught at the sideline 25 yards down field. 1st &10 – This time they pull Riles from right to left. Taylor was a little slow hitting the hole and picks up just (+2). 2nd &8 – ECU blows up a screen play blitzing 5. With it being a screen one guy comes free too quickly and Treon has to move outside. He throws it away and out of bounds, but it should have been a penalty with illegal man downfield as Thurman was down there trying to block on the screen. 3rd &8 – Harris throws a bullet to Robinson on the outside on a quick pass for (+8). 1st &10 – Four man rush and pretty good protection, but Treon doesn’t see anything and has to scramble outside. He eventually throws the ball away. 2nd &10 – Draw play and Taylor gets (+4) yards out of nothing. 3rd &6 – Taylor seems late again hitting the hole on Riles pulling from right to left, but does manage to get (+5). 4th &1 – Heavy 8 man offensive front and Cronkrite wiggles his way for (+2) yards. 1st &10 – Harris had a decent pocket that may have been rushed a little bit as the inside guys got push on Riles and Thurman, he tries to step into and out of it, but he gets sacked. Also holding on Fredrick Johnson which was accepted. 1st &20 – Draw play nets (+5) for Taylor. 2nd &15 – Pretty nice pocket for a deep pass, but the left side opens up wide and Treon takes off running. About 8 yards downfield Fulwood sees him and follows through on a block that spring Treon for an eventual (+22) yard run. 1st &7 – well blocked draw play scores Taylr from the seven and a touchdown.


BIG PLAYS: The opening 25 yard wheel route set it all up for the drive. Bullet pass to Robinson from Treon for a first down and 8 yards. Cronkrite getting two yards on 4th &1. Treon’s 22 yard scramble. Finely blocked draw play to end the series in a touchdown.


SERIES 13:  My recording cut off because the game ran so long. What I remember is that the Gators lined up in a heavy front and it seems to me like McElwain was going to let Taylor carry the burden of his unsportsmanlike call by handing it off to him  three times. Kind of a “you got us into this mess, you get us out” call. I don’t know that to be the case, but that is what I believe.


After watching things carefully I don’t think the offensive line was pushed around as much as I had previously thought. Of all the unsuccessful series I do put the blame on the “drive killer” three times on the offensive line in terms of lack of push. Most often the issue was penalties, and the two turnovers of course.

There were some mighty nice plays. The one that stands out the most was the Harris to Goolsby for 25 yards to start the last scoring drive. The fade pass from Grier to Powell where laid out on the right side was also exceptional. As usual, when there is a big play like that they usually score a touchdown.

Penalties have been crushed on here, so don’t need to go there really.

Three guys that really stood out to me were Robinson since he stepped up after a weak game one. Fulwood, much of the the same, I like how he played extremely hard with two tough runs after the catch and some really nice blocking. Cronkrite the same, he always holds on to the ball and seemed to find the creases better than the others in the game.


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