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Lamical Perine hits The Swamp again

There weren’t many better places to be if you are a college football fan than The Swamp on Saturday night. It was a perfect game for the common fan, but especially if you are a Gator. One future Gator saw everything he wanted to see.

Averaging over 200 yards a game through the start of this season Lamical Perine enjoyed the come from behind victory by the Gators over the Tennessee Vols and says that the staff tells him all the time they are ready for him to be a big part of their future plans. He says he will be back very soon.

“They are very ready for me to get down here and The Swamp is amazing,” Perine said. “I will probably be down here for Ole Miss.”


For those counting that would be his third visit in four games this season and all the way from Alabama. As much as they want him here, Perine likes what he is seeing from the Gator offense. He loved the fact that his future teammates refused to give up in the game.

“Seeing Kelvin Taylor run, I liked that as well,” he said. “When they were fighting through adversity they didn’t hold their head down. Just pushing through whatever, I like seeing that and it makes me happy to be a Florida Gator.”

And Florida has shown the willingness to not only use freshmen that is necessary, but actually rely on them.  That is something that allows him to believe he can play early.  

“I saw a lot of freshmen that were playing tonight,” he said. “I saw Martez Ivey and he did pretty good.”

Why is he a good fit for the offense?

“Just being an all-around back,” he said.


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