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Breaking down the Gators offense: vs.Ole Miss

Here is a play-by-play detailed breakdown of the offense vs Ole Miss in the Gators 38-10 dismantling of the Rebels.


1st &10 – inside zone run by kelvin Taylor as Jake McGee cross blocks behind the play. Linebacker and corner blitz and McGee completely disregards the linebacker and David Sharpe whiffs on the blitzing corner. Both blitzers combine to make the tackle at the line of scrimmage (+0) on the play.

2nd &10 – Ole Miss brings five this time and Grier recognizes the extra rusher and throws it out quick to McGee for just (+2) yards.

3rd &8 – 6 man rush with 6-man protection and Riles takes the wrong guy and double teams a linemen while Kelvin Taylor is left covering two blitzers by himself.  Grier forced to start running and caught behind for a sack (-5).


DRIVE KILLER: Missed blocking assignments got the offense behind the eight ball on first down.



1st &10 – play-action left bootleg right by Will Grier and he finds Demarcus Robinson (+14) deep at the sideline. Excellent answer for the blitz from the previous series.

1st &10 – inside zone again and Thurman left to cover two guys . Taylor somehow avoids the rush of one of them that gets by an miraculously manages (+6) on the play.

2nd &4 – Pistol unbalanced formation right. Ole Miss defense too fast and played it well  Taylor gets (+1).

3rd &3 – Blitz again and Grier knows he has to throw fast. Hits Robinson on a bubble screen but is hit as he catches it. Manages to get away and get (+4).

1st &10 – just a two receiver set, one on each side. Thurman really gets bulldozed right back into Grier who throws the ball off of his back foot  to Robinson running a post in a Cover-2 Man defense, he beats his man and splits the safeties for the Touchdown

RESULT: Touchdown

DRIVE SAVERS: Taylor on the second first down avoided a negative play and got six. Robinson avopids tackle on 3rd down and gets four yards when he needed three.



1st &10 – Screen play that was wide open to Taylor. Rush got there a little too fast and Grier rushed the throw for an incomplete. Best looking running back screen I have seen so far this year and Taylor completely sold it.

2nd &10 – two tight end set tight and to the right. Zone run on that right side and Taylor gets (+7) on the run.

3rd &3 – quick throw to McGee on the right side nets (+4) on the play.

1st &10 – single wide tight set with two tight ends. Zone run off the right side where both tight edns are,. McGee crashes down and takes out the two most dangerous blockers. DeAndre Goolsby pushes his man wide several yards down field and Taylor gets (+11) yards to the two yard line.

1st &2 – My favorite call of the game. Everyone bunched tight and with Florida habitually trying to get two yards by running the ball, they run play action and McGee is left uncovered in the middle of the end zone for a touchdown.

RESULT: Touchdown

PERFECT CALLS?: Play one, the screen shoulda, coulda, woulda been a touchdown and then the last play to McGee were just great.



1st &10 – Martez Ivey in at left guard right now and Trip Thurman in at center replacing Dillard. Riles gets blown up at right guard on a simple inside zone. Kelvin makes that defender miss deep in the backfield and gets (+5).

2nd &5 – Same play and more push this time. Taylor gets (+5).

1st &10 – Everyone in tight and play action left, bootleg right. Grier has receivers at two levels and hits Robinson with the acrobatic one-handed catch at (+16) and out of bounds. It appeared that Callaway was actually too close on the route (after watching from the end zone he was too deep) as he was kind of trailing Robinson on the play.

1st &10 – Counter play with Thurman pulling and Halter gives up his man on the outside and Taylor loses (-3) on the play.

2nd &13 – (penalty) false start on David Sharpe at left tackle.

2nd &18 – drop back pass and linemen twist, Sharpe can’t get a handle on his guy and he gets to Grier. Grier really should have gotten rid of the ball faster, but he was getting comfortable back there which is better than not trusting his guys.

3rd &24 – Draw play and Taylor gets about as good as you can, given the distance (+16).


DRIVE KILLER: Halter’s missed  block o 1st down put them in hard down and distance situation.



1st &10 – One of the few times they should have checked to pass. Ole Miss had them outnumbered in the box and bltzed as well. Linebacker wasn’t accounted for on the right side and was able to shoot a gap, come across and hit Taylor for (-3).

2nd &13 – Hot read on a litz and gets it out to McGee for  (+6).

3rd &7 – Sharpe gets abused on a spin move and Grier gets rid of the ball quick to Robinson at the sticks. Pretty good defense, but Robinson probably should have caught it. Did seem like a personal foul on the tackle however.


DRIVE KILLER: Not checking to pass on first down and running into a run blitz.



1st &10 – Drop back pass. Nice pocket where Ole Miss brought four but dropped a lineman and rushed a linebacker instead. Should have been a pass interference call on defense as he wasn’t playing the ball and had contact with Robinson on the deep ball.

2nd &10 – Draw play  Another outmanned box , but Taylor manages to get  (+4) out of nothing.

3rd &6 -  This was the Powell crossing route that went for 77 yards. You can see Grier clearly tells Taylor who to block on the play as he sees a linebacker coming. Taylor picks it up, buys enough time for the crossing pattern. The outside linebacker should have been able to rob that one as he dropped into zone coverage, but was too slow for the pass. Ball travels 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and Powel does the rest of the 72 yards for a (+77) yard TD.

RESULT: Touchdown

WINNING MOMENT: Grier alerting Taylor of the guy he needed to block and then the follow through on the block.



1st &10 – Unbalanced right as they slid Sharpe over to add a tackle on the right side. They run Taylor over that side and gets 11-yards, but (penalty) for holding on Sharpe and it comes back/

1st &13 – Twin receivers left, #Gators go draw on the play. Taylor just gets (+1) as Ole Miss had the numbers.

2nd &12 – Pistol formation and Taylor finds a hole on left side and gets a solid (+8) on the play.

3rd &4 – Goolsby motions across the formation and Grier with the quick pass to Goolsby at the sticks and he gets the first down and (+5) yards.   

1st &10 – Twin receivers and drop back pass. Jordan Cronkrite releases and gets the short pass for (=4) yards.

2nd &6 – quick toss outside and Cronkrite manages (+4) yards.

3rd &2 – Draw play and the offensive line really manhandled their D-line on the play. Taylor shows patience and rumbles for (+13).

1st &10 – Grier really seeing the combo routes now and taking the deep one when it is there to take (so refreshing). He hits Robinson on really a  quick pass and (+16) down the field. The ball thrown right at the sideline to get out of bounds and stop the clock with less than a minute remaining.

1st &10 – 6-man protection and Ole Miss brings five. Excellent protection and Grier decides to take the quick open throw outside to Callaway for (+5).

2nd &5 – Basically same play and this time to Robinson who makes sure to get the most out of the play and nets about (+8).

1st &10 – 5-wide and pretty good protection, but Thurman gives up his guy a little early. The pressure right in front of him, Grier dumps it off to Taylor who stopped at the goal line and waited. He makes a defender miss right when he catches, then heads up field and makes another miss. He scoots for (+12) on the play.

1st &10 – Another 5-wide and Grier quickly opts for Taylor on the flare route and he gets out of bounds at (+3) yards.

2nd &7 – Callaway lines up as a wing on the left side then motions across to be the middle of three receivers on the right. Grier sees the zone and Callaway runs a crosser, collects the ball, dips inside with a small step baiting one defender, then gets around. Taylor finishes it off with a block on the edge to free Callaway for the touchdown.

2Pt. PLAY – Both QBs in. Grier runs wide right. Treon takes snap and heads directly left.

RESULT: Touchdown

BIG PLAY: I’m going to go back to the first set of downs and 2nd &12.  Nice play call and nice running by Taylor gets a very manageable 3rd &4 after collecting (+8) yards.

2nd HALF


1st &10 – Zone run left and Riles and Dillard are supposed to combo block on Nkimdiche before Riles releases. Riles slipped off too early and Dillard can’t get in front of the All-American who gets in the backfield quick but can’t get ahold of Taylor who miraculously gets (+2) yards.

2nd &8 – Inside zone again, Riles man fights him off and is able to stop Taylor for (+3) excellent push elsewhere on the line that should have netted more on the run.

3rd &5 – Little outside slant route from McGee and with a blitz look Grier fires it too him quick and he gets (+9).

1st &10 – Laying off Robinson again and Grier gets it out there quick. Covered pretty well by the defense and he gets (+3).

2nd &7 – twin receivers tight formation, and a high snap. Riles gave up too much penetration on the play from a linebacker that he eyeballed and tried to block.

3rd &10 – Grier feels the heat from Nkimdiche on the left side and scrambles right. Just not enough arm to get it to Robinson at the sticks.


DRIVE KILLER: a high snap and subsequent missed block by Riles that allowed a free man to get Taylor for (-3) on 2nd down.


1st &10 – Naked bootleg and McGee releases his guy to go out in the pattern. Defender races toward Grier who is retreating but his McGee who finishes with +4) on the play.

2nd &6 – unbalanced right again and Ole Miss still had the numbers there. They run the play over the right and get just (+2) on the play.

3rd &4 – Curl / flat, Spurrier’s favorite pass route combo and Callaway catches the curl at about (+8) yards and an easy quick throw.

1st &10 – Drop back and Grier looking for Callaway on the fade on the deep right side. Defender never looks at the ball again and this time (penalty) pass interference is called.

1st &10 – slow developing zone after a high snap and Taylor can’t reach outside left where he had some room. Gets just (+1).

2nd &9 – 5-wide and a quick hitter to McGee in the middle for (+6).

3rd &3 – Another slow developing zone run but Ole Miss has 10 in the box. Play nets (0).


Drive Killer: Maybe check out of run or call a time out with defense aligned like they were on the last down.



1st &10 – zone stretch left and miscommunication with Sharpe who misses a block on ‘most dangerous man’ amd Taylor gets hit in the backfield for (-3).

2nd &13 – Quick hit to Ahmad Fulwood on the right side. Fulwood turns around and puts his head down and wills his way for good yardage and eventually (=8) yards.

3rd &5 – Fulwood on a Go route in single coverage. Had his man, Grier put it there, well defended as guy had his arm right where the ball landed.  This is where McElwain said Powell was wide open and indeed he was in the middle of the field for an easy catch and no one within 15 yards of him in any direction.


Drive Killer: Excellent play by defender on 3rd down.



1st &5 – snap a little off to the left and low. Ball bobbled and Grier has to pick it up and run to get back for just a loss of (-1).

2nd &6 -  Draw play and line gets no push up front. Taylor gets (0).

3rd &6 – Robinson runs the same crossing pattern as Callaway in the first half near the goal line, but only nets (+2) yards on the play.

RESULT: Field Goal

DRIVE KILER: bad snap on first down.



1st &1 – Gators hurry and line up and Ole Miss in transition trying to get lined up on their side missgaps, Cronkrite finds a hole and scores.

RESULT: Touchdown


1st &10 – Ivey in at left tackle, Tyler Jordan in at right guard. Inside zone with not a lot of push bets (+2).

2nd &8 - Cronkrite takes a stretch zone to the left and peels of the end for (+5).

3rd &3 – Overloaded line to the left and Cronkrite runs behind Halter and Ivey for (+5).

1st &10 – run up the middle for (-1).

2nd &10 – Taylor takes it outside gets (+3) yards and stays in bounds.

3rd &8 – zone stretch and Taylor nets (+3) to end the game.



Grier’s incompletions:  Drop by Robinson. Well defensed ball by Ole Miss to Fulwood. Pass down the sideline that should have been pass interference. Underthrown while under duress to Robinson on the sideline. Hurried mass on the two-point conversion. 

Just an incredible night that wasn’t filled with the short little dinks that allowed the Georgia quarterback to elicit such praise a few weeks ago. He was throwing down field early and often. He was really seeing the combo routes when they were there and more often than not he was hitting the deep guy on those combos.  I do think he got lucky a couple of times when he throw off his back foot for seemingly no reason, but got excited or something.  Just an A+ performance from Grier.

Trust is there: Maybe it took that first drive with all of the blitzing and the gators figured out a way quickly to answer the blitz, but the poise Grier showed and the trust that has been nissing was very apparent during the game.  It made a huge difference in this man’s opinion.

Offensive Line: While I think they are playing over there heads, there were several issues during the game. I think it was Riles worst game. Halter was pretty solid, yet there are times when he is too slow for the guy across from him. I thought Thurman lost too many battles head up in the game as well. The last thing is snaps, too maby bad ones in the contest and needs to be fixed.

Receivers: Thought they were outstanding when they got the ball and when they didn’t. My only knock is not being able to get more of them on the field, but we all know the issue there.

McGee: He’s asserting himself as a clear leader of the offense. A great story there.

Taylor: I don’t think Taylor is getting enough credit nowadays. The young man is running very hard. He had 14 negative yards on the day and I don’t think any of them were his fault. His pass protection is usually spot on no. I think he routinely gets something out of nothing. He is also catching the ball well out of the backfield. Better run blocking up front and he would be doing bigger things stats wise,



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