Junior College lineman Ashton Julious talks Gators

He’s listed as 6-foot-8 and 320 pounds and the mammoth of an offensive tackle that is Ashton Julious from Lackawanna College has a new offer from Florida and is interested in what the Gators have to offer,

Ashton Julious is originally from West Florence in South Carolina he is finishing up his last semester in junior college and will be ready to jump to the next level. He says schools like “Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona State, and NC state mostly” are recruiting him the hardest and would love to have the monster lineman.

He has taken notice of the Gators.

“I would say they are a great team and have great coaching,” he said Thursday about the situation going  on at Florida under the new direction of head coach Jim McElwain.

Mike Summers is recruiting Julious and Florida’s offensive line coach has been earning accolades for his work with the Florida offensive line for both of his two years on the job in Gainesville. According to Julious, Summers really likes what he sees.

“Everything really,” Julious said when asked what Summers likes about him. “He says that he thinks I could be a really good fit for their team.”

At this point Julious is wide open and talking to everyone that is interested in him. He says he does plan on visiting Florida officially this fall and that the Gators are “a definite possibility” to gain his services.

As of when he will commit somewhere and what reasons he will make his commitment when it is time? 

“I am and before I leave here in December,” he said about a commitment date. “Really how the environment of the school is and how successful I feel I will be there.”

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