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Gator prospects react to first loss

It was a tough one and the first of the season for Florida. If anyone watched the Florida-LSU game they could see that the team never gave up and was fighting until the very end. The sentiments of the Gator prospects watching the game were very similar.

Here are several Gator prospects for both the 2016 and 2017 class that we caught up with and asked them to give us a quick thought on the Gators first loss of the season.


Trask: “I thought it was an unfortunate loss and I know they will bounce back.”

Thompson: “It was a hard fought game that came down to the wire and put a lot of pressure on a quarterback that hadn’t started since week one. It was just unfortunate it ended the way it did. There’s always next year and it WILL NOT end in a loss if I’m playing, definitely if I’m starting!”

Wells: “It was a good game, I guess the better team won.”

Heggie: “It was a tough game. I thought there were just a couple of big plays that changed the game… we will bounce back.”

Bailey: “It was one of the best games so far. I think that the Gators played well, but they couldn’t account for Treon’s lack of experience. He had never been under that much pressure, so he had a hard time when the game was on the line. They are surprising me because I didn’t know they had this much talent. They have dudes in every spot.”


Allen: “It showed that the Gators are here to stay. They fought until the last second. I was really impressed with the way they played even though they came out with a loss.”

Green: “That was a great game. Florida did what they could, but we fell a little bit short. They just need a few fixes and we’ll be ready for Georgia next game.”




Nixon: “They played a great game. It’s a tough loss but they can bounce back!”

Woods: “There were some bad calls against Florida and Florida could have won that game.“

Frazier: “They played a hard fought game that came down to the wire and this is only humbling.”

Pineiro: “I think they played a great game but they can’t win all the time, it’s part of the game. They played at a really high level last night.  It’s tough to play in Death Valley. They showed a lot of character, they could have won but come up short.”



Peacock: “I loved how tough they play. They never gave up and played hard all four quarters.”

Poole: “LSU was simply the better team. It’s time to get back to work and focus on UGA in two weeks.”

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