Notes: Florida Gators unsure about Georgia Bulldogs offense

Florida knows there are questions marks around the Georgia offense it will see this weekend.

Quarterback Greyson Lambert has started all seven of Georgia’s games this season, but his inconsistent play could allow other quarterbacks to be involved this weekend. Backup Brice Ramsey has completed 61.5 percent of his passes for 221 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in limited duty. The numbers are less than Lambert’s 64.1 completion percentage, 1,276 yards, nine touchdowns and two interceptions.

Florida coach Jim McElwain said after Wednesday’s practice that his coaches have watched the packages installed for Ramsey, who McElwain evaluated as the offensive coordinator at Alabama when Ramsey was a sophomore in high school. Lambert also went to Alabama camps when he was in high school and McElwain was the offensive coordinator.

The subpar quarterback play from Georgia means the Gators have to prepare for anything at the position.

“With them having a week off, I’m sure there was some things that they’ve worked on just like we did,” McElwain said. “The uncertainly there, you don’t know, but at the end of the day it’s about winning each play and for us it’s as big a deal as making sure we’ve got our gap control and we’re not allowing big plays that sneak up and bite us. We’ve got to make it earn it, and they can earn it. They’ve got a lot of talent.”

With All-American running back Nick Chubb out with a knee injury, the Bulldogs turned the reigns over to Sony Michel. He has 89 carries for 508 yards with four touchdowns, averaging 5.7 yards per carry.

“That guy’s got juice now,” McElwain said. “Don’t let them think they don’t have running backs there. A couple of the guys are as highly recruited guys as there were in the United States of America. These guys are difference makers. We have our work cut out for us. What makes all offenses go is still the ability to run the football and they can still do that.”


McElwain said the Gators are still in the process of collecting letters of appeal that must be submitted to the NCAA at the same time. He was uncertain when that would happen but said it should be “shortly.”

“It's a process from there,” McElwain said. “We're working very closely obviously with his family and him to put everything that we can into the NCAA."

Grier has not practiced since the suspension, and McElwain said that is because he is taking care of the appeals process and the “pretty traumatic little deal” he went through. McElwain did say that Grier will be back at practice and remains a part of the team.


The Gators head into their rivalry game with Georgia sporting a 6-1 record as one of the biggest surprises in college football. McElwain has become a hot name in the National Coach of the Year conversation, but whenever he’s asked about the team’s success, he turns it back to the players.

When McElwain and his staff arrived in Gainesville, it was about the players buying into their new system and program. Since that happened, McElwain credits the players for taking over and bringing the program back among the nation’s elite.

“This is all about our players,” McElwain said. “For the most part they've attacked it with the understanding it's our responsibility. It's been really good to see. I enjoy watching this team play. We came up on the short end of that last ballgame, but I'll tell you what, they played hard, man. And they hurt after that game. That tells you something too, because when you really invest like that and it doesn't maybe always go your way, you should have a little hurt. The key is -- how do you respond? Our guys have been so far just not satisfied, and that's a pretty good way to be." 

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