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Gators' Offensive Breakdown: UGA Game

Here is a play-by-play look at the Florida offense vs. Georgia in the Gators' 27-3 win.


(1st &10) (-17) Kelvin Taylor run up the middle on an inside zone for (+3). Trip Thurman missed his block up front otherwise there was pretty good movement for a bigger run.  (2nd &7) 5-wide and Georgia brings five, linebacker uncovered and Treon Harris has to scramble right where he runs for (+8) and a 1st down.  (1st &10) Taylor follows Jake McGee off the right side as he and Martez Ivey both pull to block. Taylor gets an inside crease and gets (+12) on the play. (1st &10) Play action roll out right and Treon hits McGee rolling right in front of him, McGee makes the one handed grab and gets (+6) with three defenders in hot pursuit of Harris. (2nd &4) Brandon Powell takes the inside handoff and gets just (+1) as center Cam Dillard missed a block and his man came free for the tackle. (3rd &3) Gators go 5-wide again. Cyontai runs a simple out route just to the first down line, but cuts it up field, breaks a tackle (or four) for (+25).  (1st &10) Bootleg right but Georgia has a spy on Harris and he pressure Harris into throwing the ball away.  (2nd &10) Harris almost throws an interception. He tried leading McGee away from the guy defending him on a short out route and threw inside where another Georgia defender left his man to come inside and almost make the play. McGee got enough of a hand on it to deflect the ball from any interception.  (3rd &10) Rollout to the right, this time Antonio Callaway would have been short of the first down, but he threw behind anyway and incomplete.


DRIVE KILLER: First down play Georgia sniffed the bootleg and forced Harris to throw it away.



(1st &10) (-25) Power run with Thurman pulling left from his right guard spot. Georgia changed up defense at the last second and brought 7-8 men in the box and stuffed it pretty easily for (+2).  (2nd &8)Treon read option keeper on the left side. And he gets (+4). (3rd &4) Drop back and decent protection, but nobody gets open. Harris takes off for first down. Downfield Valdez Showers and Cyontai Lewis were blowing their guys up allowing Harris to scoot for (+14). (1st &10) Drop back pass and Harris has time but doesn’t find an open receiver. Should have thrown it away but does get back to the line of scrimmage. (2nd&10) Gators run Taylor into a seven man box and he doesn’t get much off the left side (+4). (3rd &6) Harris aims for Demarcus Robnson on the outside and hits him with a bullet before Robinson could lay his eyes on it.


DSRIVE KILLER: Georgia covered well on the last first down causing no gain after Treon scrambled.



(1st &10) (-29) Drop back pass and can’t find an open receiver. He is flushed to the right side where he has a receiver downfield that scrambles, but they don’t hook up and incomplete. (2nd &10) Inside zone and Ivey pushes his man back 4-5 yards. Taylor tries to run behind him and does manage (+5) on the play. (3rd &5) Harris sacked after pretty good pressure from four up front.


DRIVE KILLER: Georgia covered receivers on first down and scramble netted (0).



(1st &10) (50) Georgia with eight in the box again, Gators still run it ip the gut. Taylor does manage (+2). (2nd &8) Drop back pass, decent protection but just as Harris is ready to throw defensive tackle breaks through and deflects the pass incomplete. (3rd &8) Drop back Harris throws for a deep crossing Demarcus Robinson. Play appears to have two receivers in the same vicinity, but ball was overthrown too deep and incomplete.


DRIVE KILLER: Getting stuffed for two yards on first down.



(1st &10) (50) Zone stretch left into a seven man box. Taylor only gets (+1) with not much push there.  (2nd &9) Power play with Ivey pulling from left guard to the right side. Taylor follows him and is able to get (+4). (3rd &5) 4 wide and Powell from the backfield flares out right to get a quick pass but well covered and doesn’t make the catch when he is hit when the ball arrives.


DRIVE KILLER: First down again was an unsuccessful run that put the offense behind on down and distance.



(1st &10) (-21) Naked bootleg left and Harris has a defender right on him when he turns around. He has to hurry a throw just to get it off and it skips incomplete to Powell. (2nd &10) Inside zone and Taylor follows Trip Thurman who had no one to block up front and went to second level. Taylor makes one linebacker miss and gets (+7). (3rd &3) Bunch receiver formation on left side and Taylor runs behind that  for (+6). (1st &10) [PENALTY] False start on Lewis  (1st &15) Scarlett on an inside zone on the left hand side behind Ivey and with just a five man line gets (+5). (2nd &5) With actually pretty good protection, Harris flushes outside to the left to buy even more time. Callaway from an H-back type position runs the wheel route we have seen from DeAndre Goolsby several times and gets by his man for the (+66) yard touchdown. 


BIG Plays: Taylor’s run on 2nd and 10 for seven yards followed by a six yard run with the binch formation. Of course the big touchdown pass, catch, and run.



(1st &5) (+5) Gators with seven across the front facing a nine man box and Taylor just squeezes out (+2) on the play. (2nd &3) Almost the same play except Gators add a lead blocker in Bryan Cox amd Harris under center instead of shotgun and pistol. This time Taylor makes a quick step straight to the sideline avoiding a diving tackle and then gets around the end for the Touchdown.

RESULT: Touchdown

BIG PLAY: Taylor making someone miss and Gators going under center for a change for the touchdown.



(1st &10) (-30) Inside zone and Thurman and Dillard just crush the defensive lineman and linebacker coming on the right hand side where Taylor takes it for (+22). (1st &10) Another inside zone and Taylor gets about (+4). (2nd &6) Same thing , this time bottled up and Taylor runs outside for (+1). (3rd &5) three man rush for Georgia but two spies not allowing Treon to escape.  Halter gets beat pretty good on the right side and Harris eventually sacked.

RESULT: End of Half

DRIVE KILLER: 2nd down run put the offense behind the chains and then sacked on third down.


2nd HALF



(1st &10) (-22) Taylor  runs off right end for (=8) but [PENALTY] Holding on Martez Ivey. (1st &20) Scarlett runs behind the bunch formation on the left side of the line. Valdez Showers is one of the bunch and doesn’t block his man forcing Scarlett back inside where he picks up just (+3). (2nd &17) Quick hitter outside left to Callaway who rambles behind a McGee block for (+11). (3rd &6) QB draw and the middle is stuffed. Treon forced to run outside right where there are three defenders waiting and he fumbles the ball away.


DRIVE KILLER: Holding call on first down and the fumble.



(1st &10) (-20)  Inside zone right behind Thurman on right side and Taylor gets (+3).  (2nd &7) Roll out left and Harris can’t find an open receiver. He keeps for (+3). (3rd &4) Play Action left boot leg right and Halter gives up his man who forces Harris to hurry. He gets by the free defender, directs traffic way down field and then hits McGee at mid-range for (+9 and the first down. (1st &10) Inside zone run with two tight ends left and Taylor wants to take it outside a bit. He had some nice blocking inside if he would have stuck with it and gets just (+2). (2nd &8) Power run with Thurman pulling from right to left and Cronkrite took it too inside, If he stays outside he can follow a wave of blockers. (3rd +10) Quick screen to Callaway who had blockers in front but he dropped the ball.


DRIVE KILLER: Taylor should have stayed on the inside path on first down and rode his blockers for better yardage.


(1st &10) (+48) double reverse pass play where Demarcus Robinson reverses field and picks up positive yardage only for Cronkrite to get the “targeting call”. (1st &24) QB draw and right side opens up real quick but closes and Harris just gets back to the line of scrimmage. (2nd &24) play action left, bootleg right and Harris gets to the sideline before delivering it downfield  to Callaway who left his route to find the open part of the field and gets (+31) on the play. (1st &10) Screen pay to Powell and Riles misses the block on the linebacker who makes the play for (-3). (2nd &13) Zone stretch right and Taylor gets just (+2). (3rd &11) QB draw and it opens up in the middle just over the left guard Ivey and Harris runs for  (+19). (1st &10) Inside zone run and Scarlett plants his foot and then drives forward on the left side for (+7). (2nd &3) Scarlett drives hard over left side again for (+2). (3rd &1) [PENALTY] False start on Cox. (3rd &6) Taylor tries to run outside left and loses yardage (-2). (4th &8) Harris chased out of the pocket and scrambles right where he throws it away.


DRIVE KILLER: Penalty on 3rd &1 near the goal line.



(1st &10) (-20) Rollout right with lots of pressure and Harris quickly dumps it to McGee who gets (+8). (2nd &2) Inside zone with Taylor who gets (+3) and a first down. (1st &10) Another inside zone and Taylor gets (+1). (2nd &9) Power play with Thurman pulling from right to left and Scarlett takes it right off the edge of the line and beats a defender right at the line of scrimmage before bolting (+60). (1st &6) Scarlett run on left side, but McGee [Penalty] Holding. (1st &16) Another inside power play with Thurman pulling over the left guard spot and Taylor tries to run it up in there,  a defender flashes, so he cuts it outside. An outside defender whiffs when he tries to get Taylor wide and he cuts back inside. Not much noticed on the play but Brandon Powell put himself in position to take out three possible tacklers before Taylor got to the end zone.


BIG PLAYS: Scarlett’s 60 yard run and Taylor’s touchdown run.



(1st &10)(+38)  Running the clock here. Straight inside zone with Scarlett and pretty good push up front. He gets (+6). (2nd &4) Scarlett running hard gets (+2). (3rd &2) Bunch formation left and a quick toss nto Scarlett nets (+5). (1st &10) Another inside zone run with excellent push this time. Scarlett gets (=7) straight ahead. (2nd &3) Inside Zone Taylor gets about (+3). (3rd &1) Inside zone and Taylor cuts it outside. Cox gets a nice block outside and it frees Taylor to get (+3). (1st &10) Inside zone for senior Mark Herndon and it was stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

SERIES RESULT: Win the game

BIG PLAYS: Big runs on both first downs.



One of the things I point out in every one of these breakdowns are the drive killers in each series. These are the plays that get you behind the eight ball in the down and distance race for each set of downs that don’t eventually convert to first downs.  Most of them in this game came on nice defensive calls and plays by the Georgia defense. Oddly enough not one drive killer was from a bad pass. Most of them were in the running game and a few penalties.

That leads me to the play of Treon Harris. He was off on his throws, especially early on.  The short and mid passing game aren’t his thing. But, he most of the time makes up for that with his feet  or his feet and arm combined. Two excellent examples are the 3rd and 11 quarterback draw that went for 19 yards and the scramble and ability to find Callaway on the 2nd and 24 for 31 yards and a first down.  Treon is not an anticipatory thrower, but he can be as efficient overall as anyone because he is very capable of making huge plays which we don’t get a ton of.

I have been a big Kelvin Taylor fan this year. The holes to run through haven’t really been there and he has run hard every week. I think there were some slivers to run through in this game and he really ran hard and made some quick cuts in traffic to have a good game. Jordan Scarlett really runs hard. On his long run he hit the hole so hard one linebacker had a bead on him at the line of scrimmage, but really had no chance because of his power and the speed of which he ran through it at that point. Once he learns the whole offense, he will be a great threat during any point in the game and not just when Taylor needs a break.

I thought the offensive line had their best game, but I did think going in that Georgia was pretty soft on both lines of scrimmage. The game proved that point IMO. Still, they are showing progress and you can really see why Martez Ivey is getting the start, because he is the best drive blocker they have. He is a relentless finisher and pushes his man back several yards a lot of times in a game.  Mason Halter had some issues with the speed on the edge and that wasn’t a surprise. That is the strength of the Georgia defense.  I thought Cameron Dillard played pretty well and didn’t notice any errant snaps at all.

Outside of Callaway and Cyontai Lewis, the receivers and tight ends were relatively quiet.  I will say they didn’t have many catches, but this group takes to blocking for teammates like they love it. Watch Robinson trying to catch up to Scarlett to help block for him, all the way down the field. Powell did his best personation of picking up the 6-910 combo in bowling as he cleared three defenders for Taylor on the 16 yard touchdown.

I think the offensive staff is in a difficult position at this point trying to work plays that take advantage of Treon Harris’ strengths. We know that sitting in the pocket isn’t a strong suit and that is what they were doing with Will Grier and want to do. The problem they ran into Saturday was how many times Georgia sniffed out a bootleg or a rollout and had a defender there to force a quick throw or a scramble. Harris did a good job a few times of not taking sacks, but it was an issue and when McElwain talked after the game this was a big part of his disappointment on the day.  I think I don’t thinks will be like this very often, but it is a concern when those rollouts are being sniffed out.

I wish they had stayed more with the run game early on and their success with it over the course of the game showed how successful they were.


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