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Game Analysis: Gators offense vs. Vandy

It was an ugly affair in The Swamp Saturday, but one that netted an SEC Championship. Florida's offense had its worst outing of the season, and we take a look at every aspect of the contest play-by-play.

With 258 total yards and four turnovers, this wasn't a fun day to watch the Florida offense. BUt, here is every play in words. 


(1st &10) (+23) Scarlett off the right side where Fred Johnson pushes the end way outside and Trip Thurman playing right guard seals his guy inside well. Scarlett makes one DB miss outside and scoots down the sideline for (+20). (1st &3) Bunch alignment on the left side. Halter playing left tackle gets pushed backwards and along with a late pitch the play never gets off right and Kelvin Taylor loses (-3). (2nd &6) Slant pass to Brandon Powell and it appears he caught it, but the replay official overrules the touchdown. (3rd &6) Vanderbilt ready for the bootleg rollout and Treon Harris had to hurry his throw and it falls incomplete. (4th &6) Double reverse run and Vandy has a defender wide that comes up field and forces a rounded route for Powell to try and get to the end zone and he never makes it.


DRIVE KILLER: The overruling of tehe touchdown which made it 3rd &6 after the play.



(1st &10) (+41) Deep ball down the left sideline for Thompson was thrown a little late and short, but the defender wrapped his arms around Thompson be for the ball got there and should have been pass interference. (2nd &10) Quick hitter to DeAndre Goolsby who makes ne defender miss and then gets up the field for (+24). (1st &10) just a two receiver set and looks like the Gators have the numbers. They try and run to the left with Scarlett. Fred Johnson can’t get out in front of his man and the end from the opposite eventually makes the tackle after (+3) yards. (2nd &7) The Gators with a jet sweep from Powell who just looks like he’s hesitating too much instead of hitting the play fast and excellent pursuit by Vandy nets (+1) on the play. (3rd &6)Drop back pass and 5-man protection. Harris gets some pressure and takes off to the right and cuts up for a gain of (+9). (1st &4) Gators in a tight formation with Bryan Cox as the lead back. Run right and Cox gets the deciding block on the play to get Taylor in the end zone for the Touchdown.


BIG PLAYS: Quick hitter to Goolsby for (+20) and Harris’ scramble on 3rd down.



(1st &10) (-15)  Harris quick hitter to Robinson on the outside where he and Powell were lined up as the only receivers. Robinson uses a block and gets (+9) on the play. (2nd &1) Power run to the right for Scarlett and Fred Johnson missed his second level block while Jake McGee tried to cut his guy down and didn’t get him. Those two defenders combined to make the tackle for (+0). (3rd &1) I formation and under center. Bryan Cox and CeCe Jefferson both in to help block. Taylor runs off of left guard for (+6). (1st &10) 5-man protection and Vandy brings five overloaded on the Gators right side. Fred Johnson gets pancaked by a linebacker on the play and under pressure Harris hits Demarcus Robinson on a shallow crosser. Robinson cuts it up field quickly and then outside for a total of (+36) on the play. (1st &10) Really nice 5-man protection on 4 rushers and a short pass set up for Callaway but the pass was blocked at the line of scrimmage. (2nd &10) Inside zone for Powell and Cam Dillard missed his block from the center position. Powell manages (+3) on the play. (3rd &7) QB draw and Harris is able to get (+5). (4th &2) Fake field goal and a shovel pass to CeCe Jefferson for what appeared a first down and him down, but the officials call it a fumble and it is not overturned.


DRIVE KILLER: Really it was the deflected pass on first down.



(1st &10) (+45) 5-wide and Harris hits Callaway on a short crosser who gets (+11) on the play. (1st &10) Pulling Ivey gets his guy and Taylor should have cut up underneath, instead he runs into Ivey but still manages to get outside for (+2). (2nd &8) [Penalty] False start on Thurman now at right tackle. (2nd &13) Harris tries to hit Powell on a flare pass and overthrows him. (3rd &13) Harris scrambles and gets the first down, but fumbles the ball away while trying to reach for it.


DRIVE KILLERS: 1st down run when Taylor didn’t follow his block and of course the fumble as the play  would have resulted in a first down.



(1st &10) (-43) Low throw on a screen to Callaway who scoops it up and does get (+4) on the play. (2nd &6) Power run left and Thurman pulls and gets his guy. Taylor cuts underneath, has to stutter step because Ivey misses his block and gets about (+5).  (3rd &1) Tight formation in the big personnel and Vandy just beats the Gators to the punch on a power run and Taylor stopped for (-1).


DRIVE KILLER: Short yardage run on 3rd down and couldn’t get a yard.



(1st &10) (-36) Play action and Vandy blitzes with six. Linebacker breaks free and Taylor picks him up but it is enough to force Treon on the move to his left. That allows the defensive end to apply more pressure and he has to throw it away. It was an eight man protection with only two receivers and Vandy forced the play, it should have been a great call, but the defense hit the right blitz.  (2nd &10)  Zone stretch left and Taylor runs behind double tight ends blocking on the left side and gets (+9) ^^^bad spot from the official marks it short of the first down. (3rd &1) Same play and Taylor runs behind the double tight ends again and gets (+3). (1st &10) Reverse throwback from Robinson to Harris and defensive end stayed home and got back to Harris to knock it away incomplete.  (2nd &10) Back to running behind the double tight end side on the left and Taylor picks up n(+5) on the play. (3rd &5) Quick comeback on the left side and Robinson has the first down, comes back a yard to try and get more and loses the yard when he slips and gets (+4). (4th &1) Roll out pass here and the outside linebacker on the rollout side (right of OLine) doesn’t bite and comes hard after Treon who has to drop deeper and throw off back foot. Threw it up for someone to go get but intercepted.

SERIES RESULT: Interception

DRIVE KILLER: Robinson losing a yard to get the first after he had it. Vady forcing the issue on 4th down.



(1st &10) (-25) Drop back, 5-man protection and Robinson gets a 13 yard out route and out of bounds. (1st &10) Halter loses his guy on the left side and the pressure forces Harris to run and he gets (+2) and out of bounds. (2nd &8) Halter losing ground again and Harris has to step up and into the arms of the defensive tackle. Only a three man rush there, but Halter couldn’t push his man wide enough on the play and Harris is sacked for (-3). (3rd &11) Pressure from both ends forces Harris out again and he has to throw the ball away.


DRIVE KILLER: Horrible set of plays for Halter in particular and it started on first down where harris had to scramble to get two yards and the Gators were behind on down and distance after first down.





(1st &10) (+46) Run on left side with Sharpe now in the game. Powell misses his assignment on the linebacker and he is the guy that makes the play on Taylor for no gain. (2nd &10) Roll out right and Treon can’t find anyone open and has to throw it away. (3rd &10) Just a three man rush and Treon should have stayed in the pocket. He doesn’t and moves into the path of the defenders and is sacked for (-4).


DRIVE KILLEER: Missed blocking assignment on first down got the offense behind on down and distance.



(1st &10) (+47) [Penalty] Delay of Game  (1st &15) Stretch left and Shape gets a piece of his man, but can’t get totally in front of him and the guy eventually pushes Taylor out of bounds after gaining (+4). (2nd &11) Taylor running behind the two tight ends on the right side. This time Taylor dips inside a little kind of slowing the play down. He does manage (+4). (3rd &7) Rollout left and receivers covered, Harris throws it away.


DRIVE KILLER: Delay penalty on first down got them behind the chains.



(1st &10) (-46) Harris misses the corner blitz from the short field and is sacked. Needed to go to hot read there and loses (-6). (2nd &16) Thurman on pull on a power run play and misses the block on the linebacker coming and he makes the play in the backfield on Scarlett who spun out and lost even more yards for (-15). (3rd &31) Both tackles lose their guy on a three-man rush and Harris is flushed out of pocket. Forced to throw on the run the ball falls incomplete.


DRIVE KILLER: Harris missing the corner blitz on first down and getting way behind in the series.



(1st &10) (-31) Taylor on a draw play on the right side. Vandy with run blitz and Taylor did everything he could to get (+1) on the play. (2nd &9) Drop back and Taylor misses his block on a blitzer but Treon gets the ball out pretty quick to Robinson on a 12-yard out route that nets (+18). (1st &10) Power play with both Ivey and McGee pulling right. Taylor follows them but only nets (+2). (2nd &8) Halter not following through again and Treon feels the heat and has to rush up the middle and does get (+12). (1st &10) Quick hitch to Powell on right side behind the line of scrimmage. Halter does a great job this time of running to the closest defender and knocking him outside giving Powell free range to gain (+16). (1st &10) Ply action max protect (7). Vandy sends five. There is a little time and Harris can’t find an oipen man, he takes off outside and throws it away. (2nd &10) Quick hitter to Robinson who gets six yards, but then fumbles the ball in traffic after extra effort.


DRIVE KILLER: Fumble by Robinson.



(1st &10) (+45) Power play with McGee and Thurman pulling. A blitzing linebacker forces McGee to take him way inside the tackle box and that forces Taylor to go a little slow to the outside. He miraculously manages (+2) on the play. (2nd &8) Quick pass outside to Robinson for (+9). (1st &10) Crossing route to Robinson  about three yards deep, he makes a defender miss and gets (+7). (2nd &3) Running behind double tight ends on the left hand side, Vandy has too many defenders there and stuffs Taylor for no gain. (3rd &3). Taylor straight ahead for just (+2).


BIG PLAYS:  Quick pass to Robinson for first down and the followng play which moved the ball closer for the game winning field goal.



The biggest issue of the game in terms of personnel was the play at the tackle position. Halter at left tackle and Johnson at right tackle , after not playing in the last four games was a very ugly combo in this game. The issue was exacerbated by the type of defense Vandy runs with their three down linemen and two linebackers playing outside of that and far enough away to not allow the tackles to get their hands on them often enough.

In the running game, they found the most success running behind double tight ends, which tells you about the issues at tackle.  Vandy did make some adjustments with that and Florida wasn’t as successful late in the game.

The other issue with the defensive alignment is the outside linebackers were able to play contain on Treon and all of the rollouts. None of the rollouts worked in terms of connecting the passes or in terms of him running.   This made it very tough for them to call the plays Harris is more adapt to.

We saw the same thing from Georgia to a lesser degree because the Bulldogs run the same defense, but are not as savvy and aware as Vanderbilt when running it. I don’t think we will see much of the same alignment moving forward outside of Alabama, although some teams may try and emulate to a certain extent.

The issue that hurt Florida the most was of course turnovers. For a team that had only turned the ball over six times in eight previous games to turn it over four times in this one game should be that outlier that hopefully won’t happen again. We all know that Florida isn’t exactly pretty on offense anyway. When they hand the ball over and aren’t getting the really explosive plays, it is going to be hard for them to beat anyone.

Treon is still not anticipating some throws, but there was hardly any time to anticipate anything in this game. I think the worst one in my mind was the deep pass to Chris Thomson in the first half. Although I felt there was pass interference, if he had thrown the ball earlier and accurately Thompson was running by his guy. Still, he made several big plays that kept drives going, even if they didn’t amount to touchdowns. I don’t consider the interception a bad play. He was trying to give his guy a chance to catch the ball while under duress. The fumble shouldn’t have happened.

Kelvin ran hard again. I had issue on only one block and one run where I didn’t think he followed the path of where the play was supposed to go and it ended up hurting him. The only issue I had with Scarlett was the play where he lost 15 yards. He has to learn to take his lumps there with a 3-yard loss.

Demarcus had the fumble, but it was a play made with effort and he seemed to have the ball tucked away. I hated the one third down where he lost a yard trying to get more and that was the yard needed for a first down. I think Powell played fine, but kind of like in most of his kickoffs I don’t think he anticipates and / or pushes it enough on his jet sweep runs. He really needs to motor more there and get perpendicular with his blockers so he can use them.  We didn’t see enough of Callaway on the day in the receiving game.

The short middle of the field stuff was what was hitting so the tight ends should have been utilized more. However, the lack of protection from the tackles forced those guys to block a lot more than they should have in my opinion.

Coaching:  The biggest issue was up front and honestly their hands were tied outside of playing an injured Sharpe from the start of the game. Even then McElwain talked about his ineffectiveness due to missing practice. They are just so handicapped there and I feel like they are using every magic trick in the book to make it work. I don’t know what else they could do.

I think they underutilized the short passing game, but that is more of a hindsight thing. Maybe they should have gone to it sooner?  Possibly. 

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