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The Breakdown: Gators offense vs. South Carolina

Bob Redman spent six of his 10 years with the Florida football staff back in the late 90’s and early part of this century helping break down film for the coaches. He spends time every week dissecting each play on one side of the ball to figure out what went right or what went wrong. Come check it out.

Florida 24  South Carolina 14


(1st &10) (-25)  5-wide and Treon Harris gets it out quickly to Antonio Callaway on the right side for (+9). (2nd &1) Trips left and Kelvin Taylor takes an inside zone run for (+2). (1st &10) Mason Halter didn’t pick up an outside blitzer. Taylor didn’t get enough of him either and Harris is forced to scramble left and with three guys on him throws the ball away. (2nd &10) Zone stretch right and Trip Thurman can’t get enough of his man in front of him who makes the tackle on Taylor for (+3). (3rd &7) Doubles tight formation and Harris has decent protection but his guys are covered on the right where he looks to throw and falls incomplete on a pass to Demarcus Robinson.


DRIVE KILLER: Not picking up blitz on first down forcing a throw away pass and 2nd &10.



(1st &10) (-18) 5-man protection and the Gamecocks bring 5. Nice pocket as Harris rears back and throws the ball to Callaway running a deep post, but s midfield linebacker drops back and deflects the pass incomplete. (2nd &10) Inside Zone and David Sharpe from left tackle has to take his man hard inside so Taylor crosses over behind that block meets some resistance at about three yards and gets (+7) on the play. (3rd &3) Twins tight set with Taylor staying in to block releases when protection is perfect on a drop back. Harris hits Powell with a bullet for (+16). (1st &10) Play action, turnaround screen pass to Callaway but a blitzer bats the ball down. Halter missed the wide kick out block so the gain was probably for not or even lost yardage. (2nd &10) Scarlett on an inside zone run and it is completely smothered for loss of (-1). (3rd &11) Screen pass to Taylor, South Carolina brought four but one was a linebacker and a DE dropped into coverage for the screen. Martez Ivey got all over the DE and pushed him out of bounds while Taylor scampers for (+16). (1st &10) inside zone and Taylor gets just (+2). (2nd &8) Halter and Thurman tag team on a block and then both release the defender expecting the other to stay on him. The DT pressures Harris who dips out of trouble and throws it deep to Demarcus Robinson who couldn’t hold on to it. (3rd &8) Good protection and Harris goes to his check down in McGee just in front of the first down and on the right sideline. McGee gets (+7). (4th &1) Heavy set with lead blocker and Taylor takes the ball on a zone stretch over Martez Ivey. He just manages the (+1) by the nose of the football. (1st &10) Play action, 5-man protection and Harris throws a rope to Callaway who gets (+25) yards on a corner route and out of bounds untouched. (1st &10) Nice pocket but Harris gets antsy and runs left, he throws it away with no one he can find open. (2nd &10) Inside zone and Taylor gets just (+2) over the right side. (3rd &8) Slant pass to Brandon Powell for (+11). (1st &4) Inside zone run for Jordan Cronkrite over Martez Ivey and gets the (+4) and the touchdown. Ivey just buries his man pushing him backward a few yards.


BIG PLAYS: Two third down pass plays that each garnered 16 yards. 4th down conversion was by less than an inch.



(1st &10) (-24) Taylor makes something out of a loss and gains (+6) on an inside zone run. (2nd &4)  (2nd &4) Callaway with a hitch on the left side and gets all but inches on the play, (3rd and inches) All bigs in and Taylor runs an inside zone over the right tackle for (+2) and first down. (1st &10) Rollout right flare pass to Cronkrite who gets it quick and turns it up field for (+7). (2nd &3) Inside zone and Sharp allows his guy to come inside. Cronkrite makes him miss but it slows him down to the hole and he only manages (+1). (3rd &2) Harris takes a quarterback draw into the middle and is stuffed, but he stiff arms, starts rolling right and stiff arms another two defenders to get the first down and (+6) on the play. (1st &10) Harris has a nice pocket to work with, Steps up at the right time and delivers 25 yards down the middle of the field to Callaway who short arms it and doesn’t pull it in after he was about to get levelled. (2nd &10) Quick hitter to McGee on an option route underneath for (+7). (3rd &3) Power run left with pulling guard and tight end. Taylor cuts underneath at the right time and picks up (+4). (1st &10) Play action and great protection as Goolsby finds himself wide open 18 yards down field, and then he picks up (+28) in all. [Penalty] illegal formation and the play is called back. (1st &15) QB draw and Harris gets (+9). (2nd &6) Decent protection and Harris decides to step up when the line gets pushed back a little. He runs right into the defense on this one for a sack and (-5) on the play. (3rd &11) Pressure forces Harris to scramble to his right. He throws deep to Cronkrite and it should have been intercepted, but Cronkrite muscled his way to the ball, takes it in for a (+41) yard touchdown.


BIG PLAYS: The big time play by Cronkrite to really own the ball when it was in the air and come down with the touchdown.




(1st &10) (-15) Two tight ends tight set and inside zone run over left side with no movement for Taylor for (+2). (2nd &8) 5-man protection, 4 rushers and they get a little heat. There is nobody open on the play and Treon has to take off pretty quickly and he gets (+3). (3rd &5) Hitch by Demarcus Robinson on the left and he is well covered. Harris throws it anyway and it is batted away.


DRIVE KILLER: Getting two yards on first down is not going to do it most of the time.



(1st &10) (+18) Two wide receiver set and 6-man protection. David Sharpe let up on his man and Treon after sitting a second or two in the pocket moved back right into the defensive end coming around Sharpe for a sack and loss of (-9). (2nd &19) 6-man protection when Cronkrite stays to block. Goolsby runs a wheel route and kind a back shoulder throw gets him the all on the sideline for (+23) yards. (1st &4) Power formation and they run a lead zone with Cox as the blocker. Cronkrite takes it over the left side, but gets caught behind the line for (-1). (2nd &5) Bunch receiver formation on the right and Harris rolls out right, no open receivers and he throws it away. (3rd &5) Harris feels pressure from inside and scrambles right. On the go he throws into coverage and an interception in the end zone.

SERIES RESULT: Interception

DRIVE KILLER: Loss on first down and the interception.


2nd HALF



(1st &10) (-33) Ivey pulls from the left to the right and Taylor follows, but too many men to block for the Gatos and Taylor gets just (+3). (2nd &7) Quick flat pass left to McGee who turns up quick and steams ahead for (+8). (1st &10) Ivey whiffs on a block of a blitzing linebacker and Harris hit as he throw. Ball is tipped in the air and intercepted.

DRIVE KILLER: Missed block by Ivey causes interception.



(1st &10) (-9) Two tight ends tight to the left, stretch zone play that way and just no movement up front  Jordan Scarlett gets (+2). (2nd &8) Zone stretch left and Powell finds a tiny crease to get (+6) and then add on a facemask penalty. (1st &10) Play action right, naked bootleg left and Harris doesn’t see any open receivers and he takes off for (+6). (2nd &4) Power run with Ivey pulling from the left side. Taylor waits on him, but Powell misses his block on outside and the safety rushes in to get Taylor for only (+2). (3rd &2) 6-man protection, defense brings 5. Good protection.  Harris hits Robinson on the left outside for about (+9). (1st &10) Another nice pocket and Harris is able to check down to Powell who runs a flat route to the left and then turns up field for (+11). Read option and just too many defenders to block them all. Two come off the right edge as Taylor runs left and they are able to run him down behind the line of scrimmage for loss of (-2). (2nd &12) Quick out pas to Jake McGee on the left side who makes the first defender miss and motors for (+16). (1st &10) Quick pressure form a blitzing backer forces Harris to roll out and get rid of the ball. (2nd &10) Another inside zone and just too many players in the box to control. Taylors gets nothing on the run. (3rd &10) QB draw and Harris gets (+5).


DRIVE KILLER: Nice blitz from the Gamecocks forced a throw away on first down.

GOOD STUFF: Three earned first downs in the drive to get to field goal position.



(1st &10) (-20) Inside zone with Cronkrite and Cam Dillard and Ivey get a nice push back on the left side. Cronkrite is patient and tiptoes through for a solid (+5) yards. (2nd & 5) Blitz coming on 5-man protection, pretty decent pocket. Treon rushes the throw and overthrows Callaway on a relatively short pass. (3rd &5) Counter with two pulling linemen and Cronkrite hits the hole hard he gets about 12 yards before running into Robinson hard and fumbling, but landing on the ball after (+15) yards. (1st &10) Another inside zone and Taylor gets a tough (+2) yards over left guard. (2nd &8) NICKEL blitz from Treon’s blind side and he just gets the ball away on a quick pass to McGee in the middle of the field at about (+8). (3rd &2) Another blitz, this time right in front of Harris. He backpedals and throws off his back foot and completes a nice pass to Callaway for (+10). (1st &10) [Penalty] Ridiculous call by the officiating when the players were trying to come to the sideline for the end of the quarter and called for false start. (1st &15) Nice outside run for Taylor but called back for [Penalty] Holding on Ivey. (1st &25) Power run with Thurman pulling from right to left and he seals the outside linebacker that was out there to get Taylor who cuts straight up field and races for (+16). (2nd &9) QB Draw and Harris takes it over the right guard for (+4). (3rd &5) QB Draw again and Harris takes it the same place for (+4).


DRIVE KILLER: Back to back penalties on first down and had to get 25 yards, came close with 24.



(1st &10) (-27) 5-man protection and defense brings 5. Dillard can’t keep his man at bay and the defensive tackle sacks Harris for (-6). (2nd &16) OL looked like a sieve on this play three linemen got in the backfield to get to Taylor as he was handed the ball for (-4). (3rd &20) Quick pass to Callaway who scampers for (+12).


DRIVE KILLER: 5-man protection on first down seemed crazy with the score where it is at. But, they are aggressive and not afraid of 5-wide.  The result was a sack though.



(1st &10) (-25) Just two receivers, double tight end set to the left side. Taylor tries to run behind it and gets just (+1). (2nd &9) Beautiful protection and Robinson runs an (+18) yard Dig that he dives to catch. (1st &10) Inside zone and Thurman gets whipped up front. Taylor only gets (+2). (2nd &8) Play action and the defense blitzes . Harris forced to throw the ball away. (3rd &8) Inside zone that Taylor starts to take over the right guard. Then Ivey and Sharpe open a huge whole on the left side so he cuts back. His initial direction brought the defenders right into the blocking and then Taylor makes the safety miss at 10 yards before finishing his (+53) yard gain. (1st &1) Taylor straight ahead for the Touchdown.


BIG PLAYS: Harris hitting Robinson for 18 yards on 2nd &9 and of course the huge run by Taylor.



The best thing I liked about Harris’ play at quarterback was the fact that he sat in the pocket way more than he has.  It allowed him some time to make some nice throws albeit; he still isn’t the most consistent thrower. Blindsided on the one interception I don’t chalk that up to him, the one in the end zone was a very ill advised pass into coverage. He can’t make that mistake with as few times the offense gets a chance at the end zone. Again Treon was able to help get out of some big 3rd and long situations.

As usual I thought the backs ran hard, but for most of the game there was no holes to run through. Taylor and Cronkrite were very good, and the catch for a touchdown by Cronkrite was as impressive as it gets for a running back.

Both McGee and Goolsby played well. Cyontai Lewis, where are you?

They got big plays from Demarcus Robinson, Callaway, and some decent plays from Powell. Like usual, nobody else contributed at receiver.

Different guys struggled at different times on the offensive line, although I thought it was the best pass protection overall we have seen. Sharpe had a couple of series in a row where he was getting whipped. Halter has issues moving quickly. Ivey had a bad series where he missed blocks and held. All had their issues. The biggest issue remains moving the pile up front. That didn’t happen until late in the game. I really thought it would be a bit better by now.

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