Joshua Uche ‘favors’ Florida

An electric atmosphere in The Swamp and a swarming defense has Miami Columbus linebacker / defensive end Joshua Uche liking the Gators right now.

It wasn’t the best overall games for the Florida Gators as they fell at the hands of rival Florida State 27-2. But, the defense showed strong for three quarters before being on the field too long caused some issues and super defensive talent Joshua Uche took notice.

“The defense was very impressive, I was proud of the way they were able to stick in even though the offense struggled,” Uche said shortly after the game. “They put the team on their back in the first half. There is only so much they can do before points start getting put up on the board.”

Uche watched the game intently and offered up his assessment of what Florida needs to fix.  

“I just think they need more depth at receiver and more receivers that are willing to make plays,” he said. “I think they depend too much on Callaway and Robinson.  After that, once Robinson was taken away, everyone was looking at Callaway to make plays. The quarterback needs to make plays too because you can’t put all the pressure on the receivers and running backs.”

The Swamp had an electric feel through most of the game as the crowd hung in there while the team tried to do their thing.

“I really liked the atmosphere,” Uche said. “The energy was crazy. I can see why the defense steps up big time in games in The Swamp because that crowd gives them a lot of energy.”

Florida likes Uche’s flexibility as a defender.

“They want me at linebacker, but they think I can put my hand down in the dirt on third down and go and rush the passer,” he said. “They like me as a hybrid. I really like the feel of playing linebacker, but to be able to rush the passer is really interesting to me.”

Right now, the Gators are the favorites for this defensive menace.

“All teams are in it, but I do like Florida,” he said. “I do like what they are doing on defense a lot. Just their ability to impact games and the way their defense has taken over the entire Florida team. I am favoring them as of now.”

The fact that Florida has a very inviting depth chart at linebacker is another reason he likes the Gators.

“It is something because I would like to play early,” he said. “That is also secondary (reason to pick a school). I really want to get on the field as soon as possible.”

He will be taking official visits to Alabama, Florida, Miami, and Southern Cal and he knows what he is looking for in a school.

“I want to see what the academics are like,” he said. “That is my main concern and focus. I want to see what my future would be like after football.”


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