Florida’s top tackle with Gators and Vols in front

He’s only been able to make it a couple of times this fall, but Daytona Beach Mainland’s Marcus Tatum came away impressed with the atmosphere in The Swamp despite a miserable loss to a rival.

Marcus Tatum is the top offensive tackle in the state of Florida, and the 4-star prospect is a huge priority for the Florida Gators. He was on hand Saturday night as the Gators lost to rival FSU, but took a lot away from the game.

“It was a great atmosphere,” he said. “The offensive line really had to stay and play. Not much was open downfield so they had to block their butts off. They weren’t really struggling, there were just a lot of coverage sacks, so you can’t get mad at them about that.  I know that feeling, blocking for 10 seconds and still getting a sack is awful.”

The offensive line seemed to play okay Saturday. Florida ran the ball pretty well and while the passing game never got started up, there seemed to be some time for quarterback Treon Harris to throw the ball. He sees what the Gators have right now.  

“My take is they have a lot of talent, but it seems they are always switching around, but that could be a good thing,” he said. “Not everyone set on one position, but everyone playing everywhere.”

A recent trip to Rocky Top elevated the Tennessee Volunteers status a bit with Tatum. Before that trip the Gators were his leader, if only by a small margin, since then the two have creeped closer together at the top.

“Florida and Tennessee are the leaders, they are probably even,” Tatum said. “Both places need tackles, so that is a given. I know 100% I am going to have to compete wherever. Anyone can come in and play, there is always someone better than you so you always have to keep working and stay grinding.

He’s fin knowing that a redshirt might come into play wherever he goes.

“If I have an opportunity to play early I will, but I am not stuck on it and not going to cry like a girl if I don’t.”

Before he left, Tatum was asked to make an appearance back up with Florida head coach Jim McElwain and so he did so.

“It went great,” Tatum said about the talk. “He just let me know that they loved me and that they need me and that and that we need to set up an official visit as soon as possible.”

Tatum says he will be committing sometime in January.

Tatum on teammate and Gators’ commit Jachai Polite…

Earlier in the month, Jachai Polite committed to the Gators. Polite is a good friend of Tatum who says the defensive end is an incredible player to go against every day in practice.

“Going against Jachai and Kevin this year helped me a lot,” Tatum said. “They are two college bound athletes. Both will start off the rip no matter what.

“Jachai is just an athletic monster. He can punt, throw, tackle, sack. He’s just an all-around great kid too. He’s really quiet and humble. He’s a silent monster. He covered receivers in one game. They sent him to corner to cover a receiver that will be playing D-1 next year.”

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