Reese visits Longhorns, Gators visit Reese

It was a long and grinding weekend for big time linebacker prospect David Reese. An official visit to Texas started Friday morning and ended Sunday morning, he got home for an awards banquet and then found Gators’ coaches at his door. The grind continues as he sets to make a decision.

There are four teams left on the docket for David Reese, Florida, Nebraska, TCU, and Texas. The young man is an early graduate and will enroll in the school he chooses in January. A decision will have to come sooner than later so that he can get prepared to enroll.

Reese’s father David Sr. talked about the Texas visit, one that was eye opening.  There is a connection with head coach Charlie Strong.

“The Texas visit went great,” the elder Reese said. “Great people… and the defense is definitely catered to his skill set. We had an opportunity to talk about his role with the different coaches. The facilities are some of the best in the country. Coach Strong is like another father figure. That environment was just great.

Vance Bedford is the defensive coordinator and made sure that Reese knew he was wanted and needed at Texas.

“Coach Bedford wasn’t just telling him they love him, they see big things in him,” Reese said of his son. “They already had him on the board and were watching film. We got there Friday and had a lot of time to ourselves with the staff and the academic people.

“That really went well because we really got a chance to accelerate the process of getting familiar with everything and familiar with the defense. It was a great opportunity to talk with Coach B.J., Coach Bedford, and Coach Strong being a defensive guy.

“It was amazing to see the enthusiasm when they saw (David) on the board and picking up things so fast, everyone got excited. You know he is a coach’s son so he knows the game.”

Strong and the Longhorns are not high pressure salesmen. They want what is best for the prospect because that likely means what is best for them as well.

“Coach Strong was helping David out because he could see that this was weighing on hm. He said for David to take his time and if he wants to choose to come the day before signing day, just let him know and there is always a spot. “

After the Texas visit, Reese and family headed home for an award’s program. Then he was set to meet Florida head coach Jim McElwain and linebacker coach Randy Shannon.

“He just got the Dream Team award which is real big for the state of Michigan. It is an award for the top player at each position. That meant a lot to him.

“He came home from the award ceremony and we have Randy Shannon and Jim McElwain waiting at the door,” the elder Reese said. “My brother was tongue tied and in awe when he met Randy Shannon because he knows all the linebackers Randy Shannon has coached.

“It makes you feel real loved that they came to visit and wanted. Coach Shannon told him he wanted to be the last face he sees before the dead period and before he makes his decision. He is a high priority and sees so much greatness in him.

“With Coach Shannon and Coach Mac I said “Oh my goodness, here comes the pressure cooker”. But there was no pressure. They just reiterated the fact that they loved him.

While on the visit with the Reese family, McElwain and Shannon were able to present to them everything they need to know if young David were to start school at Florida in a few weeks.

“They answered my wife’s questions about the business school,” he said. “They brought a letter that showed that he would be immediately admitted into the business school and if he decides to come he would go right into the business curriculum, so that was huge.  They are number seven nationally and Texas number one business school wise. To be able to play high level football and not sacrifice the academic portion, you just can’t beat it.”

Like Texas, Florida isn’t into the pressure sales tactic. They want the prospects to want to come to Florida, as well as their families wanting them at Florida.

“The only pressure put on David is my wife,” Mr. Reese said with a laugh. “She wants to be able to plan and get things situated. We are going to talk as a family tonight and take it from there. He will decide an announcement date after that, but talk as a family tonight.

“Coach Shannon also told him that as well,” Mr. Reese said about the pressure element. “He knows he is a high priority and this isn’t about pressure they just wanted to let him know how much he fits.”

McElwain wanted to make sure that Reese understands just how much he is needed at Florida with their linebacker depth, or lack thereof.

“Coach Mac came in and said that the linebacker situation is like ‘Disney World on a fast pass’,” Reese said. “He said ‘you can go to Disney World and stand in the long lines or come to Disney World and get on the fast pass’.”

Florida and Texas were the last two to make face-to-face contact with Reese, but dad wants everyone to know that Nebraska and TCU are still part of the decision process at this point.

“These schools are the last four for a reason,” Reese said. “They are all different for a reason. TCU has 20 (students) in a class. Florida is ‘Pro-Player U’ with great academics. Everything is big in Texas. Everyone you talk to in the business school is the son of a CEO, like 90% of them.

“Don’t get me wrong, those Nebraska fans are fighting and showing him the love. The TCU fans are still out there going strong. It is just a blessing to have these kinds of opportunities for my child. I am so blessed.”

A Nebraska alum that is currently coaching ran into the Reese family while on the trip to Texas. This alum works for another huge school so we want to keep his name anonymous, but he shared what he thought of the Cornhuskers.

“I don’t know if you know this but I am a great graduate of Nebraska, and there are no better fans than the Nebraska Cornhuskers,” this particular coach told David.

As the end draws near, a final decision is likely a day or two away. Four programs are waiting the word from Reese on what is going to happen. They will meet as a family Monday and hopefully come up with a decision. They will also have an announcement date ready to go.

We will be there to cover it for you.   


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