Source: Will Grier to transfer

Team sources have informed that Florida redshirt freshman quarterback Will Grier approached the coaching staff this week and will transfer.

Will Grier became the starting quarterback after game three of the 2015 season when he led Florida to finish the win at Kentucky on the road and a start and miracle finish against Tennessee at home in game four of the 2015 season. Grier started and won at Missouri and then a huge 38-10 win at home over Ole Miss, his playing time of the season. The Gators were 6-0 and a top 10 team at that point in time.  

On the Monday after the Ole Miss game, it was announced that Grier would be suspended for one year on the basis he had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. After admitting as much that day, Grier would miss the rest of the season.

An appeal filed in November went for not and his year-long suspension was upheld to last through game six of next season.

Last week, Jim McElwain said that Grier would be back with the program January 5, after being asked to stay away from team activities and allow the team to play through the season without the distraction of Grier being around and unavailable.

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Despite the ability to return and compete for the job again, one which he wouldn’t be allowed to play until October 15, 2016 against Missouri, sources are telling that Grier will likely transfer to another program.

Florida will be allowed to denote any school in which Grier cannot transfer without having a two year penalty. Upon transfer to a school not on that list, he would then have to sit the entire year before being eligible as a junior in the 2017 season. The exception would be if he went to junior college or a lower division school, the latter of which he would have to sit out the half season disciplinary as well.

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