‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: Gator Style

Our annual sendoff to the holidays and the New Year.

From: Santa Gator

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through The Swamp,

A bowl game was lurking,

The Gators will Chomp.


Wolverines the victims,

Blue and Gold dujour,

Black and blue most likely,

On a Florida tour.


Harbaugh is good,

Much money they spent,

But Mac is ‘The Man’’

And he is hell bent…


To make their day miserable,

On a warm Florida day,

And send them back crying,

The Michigan way.


His troops will be ready,

Some headed for the pros,

I hope you are ready,

For more of my prose.


Some worry ‘bout Neal and Maye,

And whether they will stay,

But unless they are first-rounders,

They’ll be Gators’ in May (and beyond).


For next year let’s talk,

‘bout what might be,

I see a really good defense,

With more depth to see.


The line will be real deep,

But has to replace Bullard,

They’ll piece that together,

With a well-stocked cupboard.


The secondary will be talented,

Corners thin with experience,

True freshmen will help there,

With starters all-conference.


Linebackers will have depth,

That will be a change,

Anzalone and Davis,

Will rule the range.


On offense a different look,

It starts at QB,

Del Rio, Franks, Trask, or someone else,

It will be.


The Gators will miss Taylor,

He ran hard but not swift,

The position will be better.

With depth as a lift.


Scarlett and Cronkrite,

Will be better prepared,

Thompson comes in spring,

And he isn’t scared.


They will double their talent,

At the receiver position,

Well get into that in a minute,

With the recruiting portion.


We’ll miss McGee,

His loss is a big one,

But Goolsby and Lewis,

Will get the job done.


The OLine will be better,

Led by Ivey and Jordan.

Two young guys that played well,

Before the season was done.


Their classmates will shine,

As they waited their turn,

Buchanan, Desir-Jones, and Johnson,

Have been eager to learn.


With Sharpe and Dillard,

And Riles and more,

Youth won’t hurt them

As much anymore.


Finally a kicker,

He’s come as a starter,

Who can nail a 40,

Or even a 77-yarder.


So every unit on offense,

I’m telling you as Santa,

Will be better for next year,

For another trip to Atlanta.


For Mac some more gifts,

Are in store for signing day,

That’s where we’re headed,

This Christmas Day.


But before I begin,

We’ll have some fun,

My mock class I’ll deliver,

In this riddle I’ve spun.


Santa likes to have fun,

As well on this day,

So give me this time,

So I can play.


We’ll start with the macro,

And another debate,

Don’t get caught up,

With the number 28.


Hollywood has told you,

Till he’s about to slumber,

And I fully agree,

“Don’t worry about the numbers”.


Now on to the prospects,

The list is long,

But this man will guarantee you,

The Gators close strong.


Like a Ninja Turtle,

A certain signal caller waits,

To decide whether being a Gator’s

His fate.


Whether he’ll be one or not,

We can only debate,

But Chauncey’s working him hard,

Not to be Gator Bait.


On to receiver,

‘Cause you know backs are done,

There’s a couple of more,

On the horizon.


Tops on the list,

Everyone knows,

Number one on Scout,

And destined for the pros.


He’s big and fast,

He can do everything,

Under Armour All-American,

And we’ll hear him sing…


One day that he’s a Gator,

And happy we’ll be,

Except jagator,

Who was waiting to tell us “see”.


Of another who’s fast,

I feel good I think,

Just not good enough,

To write it ink.


He’s kinda new to the board,

But been to one game,

He was instantly sold,

But has disappeared just the same.


Still, the feeling is positive,

As we hear from Vierra,

To land this speedster,

The Space Coast terror.


That should do it for wideouts,

But just in case,

They have a few more,

That they will still chase.


One little guy from down south,

Watch him scram,

Make you miss in a phone booth,

And his name is Sam.


Another is teammates with a current commit,

If one of the above we ain’t havin’,

We’ll look to Wakulla,

And a man named Gavin.


And yet there’s another,

He told Santa today he will visit,

A pan handle prospect,

Who some say is the shiznit.


Bullis will cry,

And say ‘no way’,

But if the Gators pull this off,

Even he will have a good day.


Most know who it is,

And some may not,

But this one is committed elswhere,

And his value is ‘stove’ hot.


Now you think I am done,

but alas I’ll still play,

There’s another that’s possible,

If others get away.


This one I giggled inside,

On how I should share,

A true riddle to solve,

So try if you care.


He’s from a bit away,

And the weather is hot,

But you could associate him as well,

With a place that’s not.


Indians, Rockets, and Jaguars,

Could relate,

To this wideout with an interest,

Of not being Gator Bait.


I’m not saying he’ll sign.

With the orange and blue,

I’m not saying he won’t either,

And here’s one more clue.


He’s been on the board,

And he’s paid a visit,

He’s pretty damn good,

So who the hell is it?


Alas at tight end,

I have one name only,

He shares my name,

So I am not lonely.


Of course his name’s not Santa,

This isn’t a trick,

Remember they also call me,

Jolly Old Saint Nick.


The offensive line,

Has been such a burden,

To get the numbers right,

And close the curtain.


One seems to be fading,

But he still hasn’t visited

A somewhat local prospect,

With a teammate committed.


But Marcus may wait,

Himself out of the class,

They’ll move to another,

And I’m sure he will pass.


There’s a JuCo that visited,

That would really do,

To sign in February,

With the orange and blue.


He’s got another visit,

V-Tech is the spot,

Then I think he’ll decide,

The Gators feel hot.


The last spot is a guard,

It’s what they will seek

But we won’t know who it’ll be,

For the next few weeks.


So on to D-tackle,

And a man named Shavar,

Santa feels quite secure,

In calling him a Gator star.


The other one I’m working on,

And so are they,

We just don’t know who yet,

But it will come someday.


Just one more end,

And yes it ‘Burns’ bright,

To see all of the pillage,

And all of the fright.


This kid administers,

To quarterbacks galore,

More sacks than Santa has had,

In all of yore.


On to linebacker,

And a mixed bag of gifts,

Santa’s feeling,

One’s starting to drift.


The clue is in,

The clip seen here,

We’ll talk some more about it,

In the New Year.



The depth at linebacker,

Will get better you know,

Numbers look solid,

With two more to go.


One that seemed,

To be getting away,

Is just taking his time,

But I’m here to say.


That Josh from down south,

Will be on his way,

To being a Gator,

Come signing day.


The other,

Is a recent addition,

To the recruiting board,

And there’s some misinformation.


He won’t early enroll,

He’ll visit officially later,

The Peach State star,

Could very well be a Gator.


On to the backfield,

Where two are the main guys,

One is far away,

And one’s hearing lies.


The local was in the class,

And decided to jump,

Some voices around him,

Got him messes up.


Staff is working him hard,

But not sure he’ll come back,

He’s listening a lot,

To the wrong side of the track.


But the other from the bayou,

Would be a big surprise,

To steal from the Tigers,

Right before their eyes.


But Santa’s feeling cocky,

And it seems there’s no question,

On Christmas Day,

Go with a guy named Kristian.


I’ve seen numbers thrown around,

But I’m here to say,

Those numbers should be higher,

For this one anyway.


As much as I like to tease,

With so much glee,

For you guys I will spell it out,

With the following video of me.


In it you will find,

My locks for the class,

You’ll have to trust dear old Santa,

It’s not pulled out of his @$$.


My hope for you all,

Is that you have a great year,

And know we appreciate you,

And hope we bring you some cheer.





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