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In this week's edition of Ack's Insights I go over a possible offensive line switch, some incoming freshmen and their playing chances and much more.

Florida Head Coach Ron Zook finished his Gator Club tour with Jacksonville this past weekend. Zook seems to have almost overcome his summer achilles injury and is ready for practice to get going. The Zooker gave his most animated speech this summer. He announced the return of Mairice Mitchell and Jonathan Colon back to the team by way of a team vote. He also mentioned that both players will have to "toe" the line. He was asked several questions from whether the ball was going down the field more this season to whether or not Ed Zaunbrecher was going to be coaching on the field. Zook said they are discussing the move, especially the inexperience at quarterback for this season.

Players that have caught Zook's attention in the weight room this summer have been the seniors - Darrell Lee, Bobby McCray, Guss Scott, Carlos Perez and Kelvin Kight all leading the way. The Head Coach also said things will be smoother this season and the special teams will be much improved. I spoke with Coach Zook on my show Friday and he compared the young players to rookies in the NFL but with more distractions pulling at them. He expects Demetrice Webb to come in and be a factor at corner while all the young defensive lineman look to battle for playing time.

Coach Zook will meet with Jeremy Foley to discuss the possible suspensions of several players. I get the feeling he's defending Channing Crowder real hard and would like to keep him from being suspended.

Coach Zook is also promoting his website saying he will try to give daily practice updates on the web so people don't have to wait until the morning to read it in the paper.

One thing is for sure, Ron Zook will learn a lot about his team as the season goes on and look for the identity of this bunch of Gators to develop somewhere in mid-season.

Snippetts and Tidbits...
It would not surprise me if Colon gets some work at left tackle. Tavarus Washington has had a great summer and may work himself into the lineup. With tha, Max Starks may move to guard if he can handle the transition. Which guard spot you ask? More than likely Shannon Snell. One thing is for sure, when you have depth you cannot afford to slack off at anytime or display an unfavorable attitude. Ed Zaunbrecher's offense actually likes to feature athletic "lighter" tackles. Guys who can pull, trap, set and post are more effective in the new Gator offense. Guards are not asked to do as much in the run game as the tackles. Speaking of Ed Zaunbrecher, mention Chris Leak and his eyes perk way up.

The new receivers Andre Caldwell and Chad Jackson will start in different spots. Caldwell will start out in the slot and Jackson on the outside. Both players could get their feet wet early on special teams. Zook mentioned the better athletes will improve the special teams including incoming freshman Eric Wilbur who has already been named the starting punter. Jarvis Moss, who was not much of a weightlifter in high school and basically dominated on shear athletic ability, has gained 15 pounds since arriving on campus. Marcus Thomas has gotten himself into much better shape than when he arrived. Having Mo Mitchell back will help UF tremendously against the run in week two versus Miami.

SEC Media days will be ongoing all week from the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. We will give you the preseason All-SEC teams and the latest news as football season gets ready to kickoff.

Florida's game with Tennessee will be at noon, which should be quite interesting in the Swamp, while sources tell me that the UF-Georgia game will not be at night this year. Both sides are opposed and will force ESPN's hand by not cooperating.

Rex Grossman, who recently signed his contract with the Chicago Bears, was back in town before camp and told UF coaches he was glad he learned the new offense. He mentioned that it was very similar to the one they are going to run in Chicago.

Stat of the Week - (8)
This year's Florida team will face 8 bowl eligible teams from a year ago. Kentucky was the only team that did not go to a bowl because of probation.

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