Fightin’ Gators welcomes Jacquie Franciulli

Sometimes you have to look outside the box to get the right fit for something. That’s what we at and feel we’ve done with the addition of Jacquie Franciulli to the staff here.

A concern for our readers recently has been the amount of recruiting coverage on the site, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed from Scout. We feel the quality of coverage has been there, but we want to step it up a notch in terms of volume and that is what we will do with bringing Franciulli on board, really molding our coverage into something a great deal more than it has been.

Having been with Scout for over three years now, Jacquie has covered the ACC and Virginia for the network doing an outstanding job. An Emmy Award winning television news reporter who worked both in Virginia and Pennsylvania in that capacity, Franciulli has the tool set to go get the answers for questions you are looking for in both the recruiting world and for team news.

Born in Miami, she is thrilled to make her return to The Sunshine State after being away for six years.

In her three years with Scout, Franciulli has brought several news items to the Fightin’ Gators site and has made her mark across the network as she seeks out the questions recruiting fans want to know the answers to. National Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons knows full well what kind of person and colleague Franciulli is.

“First off, Jacquie is the ultimate professional,” Simmons shared for this introduction. “She knows how to handle the different situations you face covering a team or covering recruits day-to-day. Some stories are true, some are not, and she knows how to find the source, get the truth, and report it properly. Relationships are key in this industry and Jacquie knows how to create those, build on the ones she has, and create the sources that she needs to deliver the news in a timely manner. There are so many things she does so well and her presence on Fightin' Gators gives a great site a great boost. She will bring her personality, her energy, her work ethic, and then put her own stamp on new content that has yet to be seen by Gator fans.” National Analyst Brian Dohn has worked with Franciulli even closer having been in charge of the region Franciulli will travel from. No doubt his loss will be Fightin’ Gators’ gain and he feels the site is getting a huge addition.

“The recruiting world just changed for Fightin' Gators with the hiring of Jacquie Franciulli,” Dohn said. “I've worked with her for a few years now, and she is true professional with a passion to compete. She knows how to make connections to get the best information, and she knows how to read tea leaves about what prospects are thinking. Jacquie not only understands the recruiting game, but she thrives in dealing with the twists and turns of it. Her ability and work ethic are game-changers when it comes to covering Florida recruiting.”

Vice President of Content Development at Scout Joel Cox was the one that brought Franciulli into the Scout network and knows that she will be a valuable asset to the Gator nation on Fightin’ Gators.

"Florida fans are in for a treat with Jacquie,” said Joel Cox. "She is as complete a journalist as you will find in our business. She's an Emmy-Award winning broadcaster, a terrific writer, and she loves to cover the beat, as well as recruiting. Jacquie is profoundly adept at building sources, and is all about delivery to subscribers. I fully expect our Florida subscribers will be overjoyed with her writing, breaking news, and video talent and production."

We at Fightin’ Gators appreciate what Cody Jones did for the site. We now will head in a new direction which will mean some changes in the way we do things. You should expect the same ‘insider’ material you have been getting, but much more of that. Franciulli will be dogged in her pursuit of the answers you want in recruiting and with the different sports teams on campus.

Bob Redman will continue in his role in recruiting as well and will probably modify that role more versed toward the team as Franciulli will pick up a great deal of the needed volume of recruiting news you desire.

Fightin’ Gators will strive to cover all the Gator sports better than anyone; it truly is a goal of ours. We feel that the addition of Jacquie Franciulli is a huge step in that direction.

Take a second and welcome Jacquie to our world here at Fightin’ Gators. Soon enough you will be very happy you did.

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