News & Nuggets on Gators recruiting board

Inside on the message boards of Fightin’ Gators we take a look at the remainder of Florida’s recruiting board. We also answer questions from our members about what to expect on signing day.  Come take a look.

It is getting down to the nitty-gritty and Florida is in for a top 10 class on signing day. Where the Gators fall will have a lot to do with how they finish in this last week leading up to the big day.

Florida has six prospects listed below who are the primary targets to fill out the rest of the spots in the class. Certinly there could be another name or two thrown in if they miss on al of them below, but these are the guys that are targets and real possibilities at this point.

With all of this in mind, inside on the message board we answer these questions for our members about the prospects on the list.

How many do we take?

Who are your last 4 or 5 commits?

What's the latest on Shavar Manuel? Definitely taking FSU visit?

Do you feel like doing those percentages for the remaining board?

Do you foresee any of the current commits not signing with UF?

Is NCM going to pull a shocker and pick the good guys?  

Can we go over 28/29???

Which of current commits could be considered at risk (due to academics, interested elsewhere, no room in this class)?

We haven't heard much about Pridgeon (from any media outlet).  Where do you think we stand?

 If we don't get Wilson do you think we take Dee Walker?

I know you can't share names but do you believe there might be a late surprise (i.e. Tyler Byrd or someone like that)?

Come check out the answers to these questions here…


We also update you as soon as possible on things when they change, which we have from last night to  today (Thursday).



Come give us a try and stay updated on Gators recruiting as this final week heats up.

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