Brady Ackerman's Media Days Preseason All-SEC Team

Here are my picks for pre-season all-SEC and my take on who wins the conference. Read on and find out where I picked the Gators as well as all the rest.

First Team
TE: Ben Troupe, Florida
OL: Shawn Andrews, Arkansas
OL: Wesley Britt, Alabama
C: Mike Degory, Florida
OL: Stehphen Peterman, LSU
OL: Justin Smiley, Alabama
WR: Fred Gibson, Georgia
WR: Michael Clayton, LSU
QB: David Greene, Georgia
RB: Carnell Wiiliams, Auburn
RB: Shaud Wiiliams, Alabama
PK: Billy Bennett, Georgia
RS: Derrick Abney, Kentucky

DL: David Pollack, Georgia
DL: DeMarco Mcneil, Auburn
DL: Vincent Burns, Kentucky
OLB: Karlos Dansby, Auburn
OLB: Brooks Daniels, Alabama
ILB: Dontarrious Thomas, Auburn
ILB: Tony Bua, Arkansas(he is OLB)
DB: Ahmad Carroll, Arkansas
DB: Keiwan Ratliff, Florida
DB: Rashad Baker, Tennessee
DB: Guss Scott, Florida
P: Donnie Jones, LSU

As you can see I tried to pick players by their position. Middle Linebacker is  the most inexperienced and least talented in the SEC. Odell Thurman who is a  sophomore at Georgia has a chance to be good as does Todd McCullough at Florida. Offensive line is loaded at tackle but not a guard which made the last  selection very tough. Justin Smiley got the nod over Shannon Snell. Center is another position wide open and I went with the Gators returner Mike  Degory. Finally the running back position is very difficult to predict with Cadillac coming off injury and the fact the Tigers are four deep at that  position. A couple of other running backs could be in the mix at the end of the season such as Addai at LSU, Norwood at Miss St. and Carthon from Florida. I chose  David Greene over Eli Manning because he has produced more wins and has shown he can win big games on the road in hostile environment. He also has displayed the  ability to drive a team to victory late in games too. Finally I love my secondary with two lockdown corners and my linebacking corp looks dominant.

2003 SEC Order of Finish
SEC Champion: Auburn
Eastern Division
5.South Carolina

Western Division
4.Ole Miss
6.Mississippi St.

The East is still the better division in my opinion but it will be tough for Georgia to beat Auburn twice in one season, especially after ruining their bid
for an undefeated season. The East could end up in a three way tie with 2 losses apiece, while 2 losses won't get it done this season out West.

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