Four-Star Kristian Fulton Considering Options

Four-star Kristian Fulton is considering his options before signing day. The cornerback from Louisiana recently visited Florida, and his father talks about that visit and where things stand days away from National Signing Day.

Kristian Fulton is on his way to finalizing his decision the next two days. Fulton is expected to make his announcement Wednesday on National Signing Day, and he is set to decide between three SEC schools : FloridaArkansas and LSU. The four-star cornerback visited all three schools with UF being his most recent visit. 

"We pretty much got our questions answered," said Kristian's father, Keith Fulton. "We had been there several times, but of course when we went there [Gators Head Coach] coach Mac [Jim McElwain]  wasn't the coach."

Kristian visited Florida this fall for the Gators' game against Florida State, however, he was accompanied by only his cousin, since he lived in the Jacksonville area. This weekend was the senior Fulton's first time to really see the university under the leadership of McElwain and his staff. 

"There was a lot of things that stood out to me," said Fulton. "First of all Coach Mac says he is going to win, and he said he is not there to win SEC Championships, he is there to win National Championships-that stands out. All the guys there were nice to me. I'm impressed with them. I thought the visit went really, really well. My son enjoyed himself, and I brought my oldest son and he enjoyed it. They got a chance to hang out and see whats going on in Gainesville."

One of the biggest question still left unanswered from this trip was who is going to step into Kirk Callahan's shoes, after the assistant was fired earlier this month. 

"We definitely asked the question, they couldn't give us an answer," he said.  "I guess they are making an announcement after signing day. It's a difficult situation from both sides. Their side, but my side also, and my son's side. I would definitely like to know if thats the place that he chose to go who is going to be coaching thats going to be key.

"Coach Cal was my guy," he added. "We had a relationship from Central Florida. It was kind of strange not seeing him around and not talking to him. I still call coach Cal because he will always be my friend. Butt equally so, [Florida running backs coach Tim] Skipper has done a good job, and he and I share something because he is a New Orleans boy...Coach Skip, I trust him."

Although the position question still lingers, Fulton says his family left Florida feeling a bit more reassured. 

"We got some of the answers we wanted."It is definitely a possibility."

So where does the younger Fulton stand in his recruitment? 

"He verbally named LSU as his leader, he did that a few weeks ago. I don't know if anything has changed," admitted his father. " I've never visited Arkansas. [Razorbacks assistant] Mike Smith  is a great guy. I just don't feel like it being a good fit as far as my son being a DB and his development. As a parent you do research. It has nothing to do with Arkansas or Arkansas fans.

"If I felt like it was a great fit, it would be the place but I don't feel like it would be a fit. What I tell my son is you want to play for a great defense. A defensive back is only as good as his D-line... It's not that I have anything against Arkansas or their fans, but I'm speaking as a father who has done research, who my wife does research. I just don't see it as a good fit."

At the end of the day, this father is focused on preparing his son for the next forty years not just the next four-especially in the landscape that only sees a small percentage of college players playing on Sundays. 

"I feel like Florida and LSU are the best places," said Fulton. "If I had my choice I told him to go to Vanderbilt and you get one of the best educations you can get; you go to Notre Dame and you get one of the best educations you can get. At the end of the day it's about education. He can get a good education at LSU; he can get a good education at Florida. He wants to major in journalism. He can get that."

Signing day can't come soon enough for the Fulton family. The family have received some backlash in recent days from fans online, but Keith Fulton is preoccupied on the needs of his son and family, who have been dealing with plenty at home-with his mother-in-law ill and the family preparing for the worst.  

" It's a lot going on right now," he said. "This whole process, a lot of things have been weighing on me and my wife. A lot of sleepless nights because at the end of the day you want the best for your son. At the end of the day I'm a father. I want the best for my son."

So how will proximity play a role in his son's decision with everything happening at home? 

"It could," said the Louisiana native. "It's not the main factor, but at the end of the day I want my son to be happy...It's about what he wants, and where he wants to go."


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