Gator Gauge: Who will Florida Add on Signing Day?

Four main targets left on the board for Florida. Can the Gators add one or more of these top prospects? "Gator Gauge" breaks it all down.

Florida is still awaiting a few more decisions. The Gators have four main targets left on the board, and they are sitting well with quite a number of them. "Gator Gauge" sees where these recruits are trending: 


After leaning towards Florida for a long time, Brian Burns continues to trend away. The five-star defensive end took an official visit to Florida State and continues to trend towards FSU as Wednesday draws near. 


Although Kristian Fulton took a visit this weekend, things remain the same for the four-star corner. Florida and LSU are still the two standing out for Fulton.  The Gatros did everything they could to make feel Fulton and his family feel welcomed and reassured. But with no defensive back coach named and with the family issues happened at home, the Tigers seem to be where this recruitment is trending towards. 

On Monday night, Kristian's father, Keith Fulton, texted that his son will announce at his school at 11:45 AM CST. For this reason, although Fulton has not completely trended away from Florida it could seem it has started too. In all likelihood if he wanted to know who the DB coach was going to be, he could have waited to announce a couple of days after. 


Nothing new on the John Simpson front. The four-star lineman has not committed to Clemson, the favorite, and that is great news for Florida-since the Tigers have been the favorite to land Simpson for months. Florida impressed on that visit and has made Simpson thing long and hard about coming to the Swamp. 


This is where Bob and me differ. After talking to Tyrie Cleveland on Sunday night, after his official visit to Florida, I did not get the feeling the Gators were going to be his final destination. However, he seemed very frustrated at another reporter calling him for an interview, so I hesitate to completely go off the bandwagon. But I can see him heading to Arkansas or TCU since those are the two schools he brought up more without question.  

However, Bob has reached out to a few people who are very confident Florida is in the running and is strong. In the end it seems like his recruitment is trending away from Texas and towards the SEC. 

He is still committed to Houston, but the feel is he will commit to either TCU, Arkansas or Florida on Wednesday.

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