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Hollywood Bob's Post Signing Day Matinee (Offense)

Here is that candid, wide open look at the recruiting process that just ended, The 2016 class was a very good one for Florida, but the story lines behind the class and the way it was built goes way beyond what we can put in one story. Here is part one of the soty of the 2016 class, a behind the scenes look at the offense recruited in 2016.

We move by position and talk about several at each position for the 2016 class. At quarterback, the Gators signed two in 2016. The feel is they couldn't have done much better. But, there were others that help build the story of the class along the way. These are the four most prominnt names in the recruiting cycle for the Gators. 

The Gators got their running backs. There was really only one more on the list that anyone thought was close to being a Gator. Inside we talk about the two the Gators got, and the one that could have happened. 

Not many are complaining about the receiver haul for the Gators. But, there was a long list of possibilities and some real talented players that got away. Still, the Gators finished with everythiung they needed at receiver, if not more. Here is a bit of some of the prospects we talk about inside. 

Florida had their sights set on one guy at tight end and ended up missing on him. While they got several hard looks from others, they were locked into the first one and didn't spend time on the others. We talk about the main two inside. 

Finally, the Gators signed three players for the future on the offensive line. There wasn't a blue chip prospect in the group and that was the subject of many questions from the folks on the insider boards at Fightin' Gators. We talked about that situation to a great extent inside. 

Join us for Hollywood Bob's Post Signing Day Matinee Part 1 as we discuss all of the above. 

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