Meet the 2016 edition of Pro Impact 7-on-7

The 7on7 craze has become one of the biggest things in high school and recruiting circles over the last several years. Teams from all areas of every state in the union form teams that compete in an AAU basketball type environment, except on the football field. Pro Impact is one of the best.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, founder Gerard Ross of Florida State fame has helped build a juggernaut of a 7-on-7 team. The team, like many others will travel all over Florida to compete in tournaments over the late winter early spring months, and will also venture out of state as well. It has become a big deal.

The tournaments are usually two day affairs. Day one consists of some form of round robin event where you play as many of the other teams as possible. Day two, is the playoff two and usually a single elimination. The games are usually about 20-30 minutes long, so teams don’t have much chance to do wrong and recover. A lot of money is spent to make the travel budgets, so an early exit for the teams is not a fun thing.

“Every year we are in the top five in the nation,” Ross said of his Pro Impact squad. “The thing about 7-on-7 tournaments is about being consistent. First you have to get the kids that want to be competitive and we’ve never had that problem. It’s just on day two being consistent and making the other team pay... that is the name of the game. The games go so quick. If you aren’t consistent, it will be over before you know it.  Winning it all is definitely the goal.”

The 2016 version of Pro Impact is as talented as they have been. Here is the 2016 team and each player’s bio is followed by a few words from Ross about each player.



Ross: “He’s probably the closest thing to Cam Newton in this generation. He’s big, strong, can throw and run, and very muscular.”


Ross: “He’s well balanced. He has a great arm, good poise in the pocket, and a typical pro-style quarterback for the next level.”



Ross: “Smallest guy on the field, but probably the quickest and most competitive guy on the field. He would compare with Giovanni Bernard (former Tarheel) that is playing with the Bengals.”


Ross: “He’s a very downhill running back that runs great between the tackles. He reminds me of Edgerrin James in that the first guy never gets him down. He has great balance and great hands out of the backfield.”



Ross: “He’s a great athlete that plays quarterback for his team. On the college level they will move him to slot receiver. He has a stocky body frame and the quickness is there.”


Ross: “Very competitive kid and one of the top receivers in the 2017 class. There is nothing he can’t do on the field. He’s probably the closest thing to Peter Warrick when it comes to agility, stopping on a dime, and being able to elevate for the ball in the air.”


Ross: “Recruited as an athlete to play receiver and safety. Has a good body frame and looks like an NFL player already with how muscular he is. He can do anything to get in position.”


Ross: “A longer receiver that runs the deep routes well.  He’s a vertical threat downfield running the deep posts and fly patterns.”


Ross: “Very good slot receiver and kick returner. He helped his team all year by returning kicks and punts. He reminds me of DeAnthony Thomas out of Oregon.”


Ross: “Transitioning to receiver, after playing only safety at Sandalwood last year. We all call him ‘Edelman’ because he reminds us of the NFL star (Julian Edelman).”


Ross: “Great athlete that plays running back for his high school and slot receiver for us. He’s very explosive and quick out of the block. He runs a 4.4 in the 40 with great quickness and makes plays on the ball.”


Ross: “He’s a very dynamic receiver that runs great routes. He’s explosive and high points the ball.”


Ross: “He’s a great athlete that is a two-way player. He plays linebacker and receiver. Kind of unorthodox but very competitive and runs very good routes.”


Ross: “He’s a great athlete that plays running back in high school. He could be an H-back, receiver, or tight end. His body frame will let him play multiple positions and he has big strong hands.”


Ross: “Will be a great athlete. He will probably be a top five athlete in the country. He just has things as a young kid that coaches can’t teach. His future is very bright.”


Ross: “He has a quick step and a high vertical leap. He’s a good one in the red zone.”


Ross: “A big framed strong receiver that runs the deep routes well. He has a crazy vertical jump.”



Ross: “Plays linebacker and dad played at FSU back in the day. He’s physical and he can run. The sky is the limit with his body and frame.”


Ross: “He’s a very athletic linebacker that runs like a defensive back. He is well balanced…. just a speedster at linebacker.”



Ross: “He’s about a 4.3 in the 40 and likely one of the five fastest prospects in the country. He’s a great athlete, no matter offense or defense.”


Ross: “He’s a prototypical cornerback that has a bright future. He reminds me of Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers with his long arms and long body frame. He’s very competitive at the line of scrimmage in terms of jamming and bump and run.”


Ross: “He’s a long corner as well, very rare attributes. He can play zone and press well. He’s very smooth with great smooth, I’d say a 10 out of 10 in ball skills for a cornerback.”


Ross: “Everyone in the country is after him. He is very well balanced and is definitely a game changer.”


Ross: “He’s a ball hawking free safety. He plays the ball at the high point well and plays receiver for his high school team. He is smart and knows how to bait quarterbacks in coverage.”


Ross: “He’s probably the best athlete in the country. He’s gifted in football, basketball, and track. He makes acrobatic and explosive plays. He can dunk the ball with two hands and backwards. He is a very special athlete.”


Ross: “He’s a prototypical strong safety. A good tackler and knows how to make a play on the ball. He’s just always around the ball. He has a good future in Miami.”


Ross: “He’s a smaller corner, but a very smart corner. He reminds me of Ty Law from the Patriots where he is always in position and understands the game of football.”


Ross: “He is underrated and starting to get major attention. He is a kid that is likely to play on Sundays because all he does is go to work.”


Ross: “He’s like a silent assassin on the football field. He doesn’t talk, but plays very physical. He knocked a lot of guys out of the games this year. He is probably more of a strong safety… very physical and very football savvy.”


Ross: “Plays man-to-man very well. He has a good frame and has a bright future.”


Ross: “He’s a very physical kid. He’s probably the most physical DB we have. He plays with a chip on his shoulder because he is under the radar in his recruitment. I think someone will eventually find a gem. He’s a very explosive kid and a lockdown cornerback.”


 Willie T. Lee is not your normal 7-on-7 participant. He's a class of 2020 middle school student that is advanced as a skill player.He's so young we can't even create a profile for him until he is in high school.  He's learning the ropes early. 

Ross: “He’s actually an 8th grader playing with these older guys. He’s very competitive and has a bright future. He’s a former quarterback making the transition to cornerback to get recruited at the next level. He’s very intelligent and picks up the game, so he is very coachable.”



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