Gators with a busy February of offers

We at Fightin’ Gators are going to make a new attempt of circling back and every week or two list all of the latest offers that the Gators have dished out over that particular time period.  With that said, we will go a little farther back in our first segment and circle back to just before signing day and really the entire month of February.

There might be a name or two missing and at this point in the game we have to rely a great deal on the athletes themselves making the offers public, but Florida has had a busy month dishing out offers for not only the 2017 class, but also 2018, and 2019. Here is what we know.

2017 CLASS


Where does he fit? Chandler is a speed back, and the Gators could use someone a little different in terms of size and game breaking ability. With four backs on scholarship and no seniors, look for Florida to just sign one a very loaded year at the position.


Where does he fit?  Blount visited campus last week and then turned a lot of heads at the NIKE Opening qualifiers in Orlando on Sunday.  He has good size, good speed, good athleticism, and plays as hard as you will find. He’s a terrific player that would fit anywhere he wanted to go. Florid has two senior receivers, but can probably make more room in the unit as they continue to overhaul the talent at the position.


Where do they fit?  Henderson is a big time corner prospect and committed to Miami earlier in the month. Florida will continue to recruit him. Bell could go on either side of the ball but continues to grow so may be a big receiver down the road which is what Florida is looking for.


Where does he fit? Florida missed on a tight end in 2016 and at first glance you see no stars and think they are grasping early. But, Byrd is steadily picking up offers and has six power-5 offers in the last couple of weeks including a recent one in Alabama. It appears the Gators got on him pretty early in the process. The Gators should likely take just one tight end in the 2017 class it appears at this point in time.


Where do they fit? Offensive line is always going to be a position where the staff will want to take three or more. Three or four looks to be the number and they want to get the best possibilities for the position. Johnson is a big time guard from not too far away in Georgia. All the way from Minnesota, Andries is a long and lean tackle the Gators offered in the last week.


Where do they fit? One thing you will notice about all three of these guys is their size.  These aren’t the 215 pound pass rushing ends you see them go after all three are big enough to play the strong side and maybe with a future as a Jonathan Bullard type inside-outside guy. I believe the staff takes at least one bigger defensive end in this class.



Where does he fit? The Gators need to sign at least three defensive tackles in the 2017 class. On the lighter side, Williams has room to grow and they must like his athleticism to offer at this point. Not a great year in-state again, Florida will likely have to go out-of-state at the position to fill their needs.  



Where do they fit? Again when you are talking about these three, you are talking about linebackers with good size already. This is the direction the staff would love to go. With Houston being an in-state prospect and at a big time school Florida should be all over him. Grant showed up at Junior Day at the end of last month and is also one they really like. Tyler is the latest offer on this page and another Georgia kid where Florida will always try and recruit heavily.



Where do they fit? Two safeties sound about right and they will go after primo prospects at the position. All four of these guys fit that label and Nasirildeen has caught fire recently in terms of offers. Again you look at size and all three have the potential to be pretty big, so we can see the direction they want to maintain at the position.


Where do they fit? Again you can see with the size of these three that they are primo size, they like the tall and rangy guys in the secondary. Two of them being from south Florida and Miami in general is a big deal as well.

2018 CLASS

Thoughts: At this point, if they offer anyone in the 2018 class they must consider them elite at their position. There also won’t be any roster limitations at this point, so any elite player they find they will offer regardless of position.

2019 CLASS

Thoughts: Same as the 2018 prospects. If they are elite talents you offer, if not they won’t get an offer this early. McRae grew up a Gator fan and committed the day he was offered, they love his long arms and his athleticism as a corner. 

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