David Sharpe Ready to Step up and Lead

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- David Sharpe is ready to be a leader in the trenches this season. The Florida junior lineman discusses the upcoming season and what he has seen from the younger guys.

It's a different year for the offensive line. Last spring Florida struggled to field the numbers in practice, however, this spring the bodies are there. 

"It's better having bodies this year. Everybody is getting work," said junior lineman David Sharpe. "It was tiring [last year] We had a high tempo practice, drill to drill to drill, we jog to every drill and going fast and get a lot of reps, so it was tiring." 

Although practice remains at that higher pace, they can now focus on technique. 

"Being deeper we are a little more fresh and practice a little more harder coming off the ball and we can focus a little more." 

According to Sharpe, he has also seen several of the younger lineman use the time to focus on technique to their advantage. 

"Fred Johnson he is taking a big step. Working on his game and technique. And the guards [Brandon] Sandifer and Tyler Jordan are doing well and [Jordan] he is becoming a leader."

The numbers have also allowed other positions to grow. 

"They've [the running backs] been doing great. We have all been working hard. They've had a great offseason Mark [Thompson] coming in and [Jordan] Scarlett and [Jordan] Cronkite,  they are all going hard."

In the end of the day, however, Sharpe understands his role has changed, and he is ready to step up. 

"I definitely want to take a leadership role this year and help out the team," said Sharpe.  "We all want to. all the older guys on the team want to." 

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