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Gators Spring Practice Observations; March 18

The rain wasn’t much, but between the threat and the fact that the Gators would go a long and hard hitting practice on Saturday, the Florida staff moved Friday’s practice into the new Indoor Practice facility.

Going from two full fields to just one full field inside, makes things a little different, even for us onlookers.  For one thing, we are limited to one side of the field instead of all four. Sometimes you can get a better look at what is going on from one sideline better than another, still we got to see some pretty good stuff.

Jacquie Franciulli and I watched opposite sides during "fastball" my side was just throwing to the running backs out of the backfield. The only two I remember on my side were sophomore Jordan Scarlett and senior Mark Herndon. I really liked the way Scarlett was catching the ball. He was effortless and got up the field immediately after the catch. 

The best hit in the drill came from Daniel McMillian who got Scarlett right when he caught the ball and the pads really popped when they collided. 

We got some excellent film of the D-Line guys running circles around this giant hoop and under an obstacle so they had to stay low Rumph got all over Thomas Holley for not getting low enough. He started yelling, "you're a New York City city slicker" over and over again referring to him coming from Brooklyn, NY. The next time through Holley stayed low. 

Lastly, I watched a half-line running drill. Scarlett and Thompson got most of the reps. It was easy to see that Thompson is going to run where the hole is supposed to he and not jump outside a lot. I know he's big but he runs with power. Scarlett likes to zip it outside if the hole isn't there.

Here is a rundown of the action in this five-minute drill. As you can see by the numbers (and I missed a few) they get a lot accomplished in five minutes of time.

*Scarlett went over right tackle where redshirt freshman Jabari Zuniga disengaged form the offensive tackle and made the play.

*Senior defensive tackle Joey Ivie with big time penetration on left side gets by redshirt freshman guard Buchanan and redshirt junior center Cam Dillard.

Thomas Holley shows his strength running laterally to make the tackle and gaining ground on two linemen to make the tackle on Scarlett.  

*On the far side, can’t see very well, but did notice that Nick Buchanan and redshirt sophomore tackle Kavaris Harkless got some movement up front to free Scarlett.

*Right tackle Andrew Mike and right guard Tyler Jordan got some nice push up the middle and Thompson runs right behind them.

*Redshirt freshman T.J. McCoy was part of three consecutive center-quarterback exchanges that resulted in fumbles. All of these plays were under center and not the norm, and honestly from the far side it was hard to tell who was at fault.

*Luke Del Rio fumbled snap from Dillard.

*Kyle Trask on far side he hands off and Thompson runs through a clogged line.

*McMillian gets outside and makes the tackle on Scarlett on the right side.

*Thompson running straight forward and behind Buchanan for big positive yardage on the left side of the offensive line.  

*Good defensive movement on the right side of the offensive line and senior defensive end Bryan Cox and one other are in on the tackle

“Herndon gets a crease between Sandifer and Harkless on the left side to get good yardage.

*True freshman Jordan Smith with the last tackle of the drill on the right side of the offensive line fought off the tackle to make the play.

A couple of takes from the action…

I saw Andrew Mike do a few good things at right tackle. I saw Nick Buchanan playing both guard spots and he had some nice moments as well. Brandon Sandifer was almost exclusively at left guard. 

The four fumbled snaps in about a minute and a half is something the centers and quarterbacks need to work on.

More from Jacquie Franciulli…

*Junior Dre Massey line up with the first team as a slot receiver for the first time today 

*Redshirt sophomore tight end C'yontai Lewis got a lot of reps at tight end with the first team. Luke Del Rio and Lewis connected plenty. 

*Saw Franks make probably the best throw I've seen him do this spring... a throw to Stephens down the sideline. 

*Only saw the wide receivers for a minute or two during drills and Josh Hammond continues to be the one that consistently impresses me. Also Chris Thompson had a drop or two.  

*Freddie Swain vs. Chauncey Gardner was a good battle, with Swain getting the edge with an impressive catch. 


*The Gators continue to bring in big time prospects to visit during spring practice, 4-star CB Latavious Brini and 4-star DE Zach Carter were on hand to watch. 


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