Practice Observations

Today was practice one for the Florida Gators and here are some of my observations regarding Florida's young QBs, receivers and more.

The first day of fall practice brought two groups of Gator players, the first led by Ingle Martin and Chris Leak, while the second group was led by Gavin Dickey and Justin Midgett. Ed Zaunbreaker threw a lot at the young QB's with the offense and the play calling. All four QB's had their moments with the first group looking collectively better. One reason may have been the fact that the first group had more experienced wide receivers and tight end Ben Troupe. Defensively, Keiwan Ratliff led the way going the distance at defensive back and looking very comfortable at his corner position.

Offense worked on their patent gun three wide formation mostly in the passing game. Ingle Martin used the middle of the field well in pass skeleton finding Ben Troupe four times. Chris Leak looked vertical more, especially in man coverages to Dallas Baker who made a catch off a defensive players back. Baker and Leak hooked up four times in skeleton alone. The offense used the same scripts in both practices with the main emphasis on their screen package, the option, inside zone in the run game and their boot or play action series. All four quarterbacks seemed very comfortable on the edge with the ball in their hands. The receivers in the first group that really stood out were Dallas Baker and Ben Troupe. Kelvin Kight and Carlos Perez were solid not flashy. In the second session Andre Caldwell looked really talented. Defensivel,y I was impressed with Demetrice Webb in the first session and Reynaldo Hill looked very good in the second session.

Day One - Quarterback Evaluation:

Ingle Martin: Ingle was solid but not flashy. In skeleton he was 7-12 and worked the middle of the field like he did in the spring. He only attempted one real deep ball but did do a nice job of finding his reads. He suffered some drops in team period. Overall day one was a lot like the spring, solid and efficient.

Chris Leak: Chris made some sensational throws but also pressed a bit during drills. In skeleton he was 7-13 with four passes to Baker. Chris needs to work on taking some steam of his short throws especially in the quick passing game. He seemed very comfortable and has a strong arm. Overall, a very good first day.

Gavin Dickey: Gavin did not have as much to work with as the other two QB's and it showed. He still throws the prettiest long ball of any of the quarterbacks. He finshed 5-12 during skeleton with two drops. One throw should have been caught. He did however make a bad decision on a coverage sack in which he forced an interception. He tried to find Vernell Brown deep a couple of times but it did not connect. Overall, an average first day but he had young receivers and new tight ends.

Justin Midgett: He seems to be clearly behind the other three right now in my mind. That said, he finished 6-8 when he went third with the afternoon group behind Matt Kynes. He hooked up on a nice vertical route with Andre Caldwell which was in coverage. He is not as savvy as Leak but had typical first day for an incoming freshman. Overall, decent first day but I can see him being a redshirt candidate unless he gets a better feel for the offense.

Ack's First Day Thoughts:

Andre Caldwell may force Zook to leave Keiwan on defense. Joe Cohen seemed hobbled by a pulled groin. Earl Everett looks athletic but a little undersized. Guss Scott looks bigger and faster and had a solid practice. Matt Jackson had a solid day at corner. I like Reynaldo Hill in man coverage where he seems very comfortable. It's tough to read the interior lineman on both sides until they get the pads on. Jonathon Colon was back at right tackle and Kenny Parker looked good on the hoof. The running backs seem healthy and ready to go. Reggie Vickers is not on the roster and was not at practice.

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