Florida All-American Jalen Tabor is Locked In

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Jalen Tabor has had a pretty successful spring. The Florida junior defensive back discusses his focus this spring and adjusting to a new position coach.

Jalen Tabor has been eager to get back on the field. 

"That was so sloppy last year," said Tabor about the ending to the season. "Florida State, Michigan and Alabama, we still got that taste in our mouth. That’s a knock on us...Those games this year we’re pretty much looking forward to.

"We see Florida State every year. Hopefully Alabama we meet them back again in the SEC Championship, that’s where we expect to be. So, hopefully we get those games back. And LSU, we play them again. When those teams come around we really need to lock in and show people we can win those games.”

Before Tabor and the Gators prepare to face teams in the fall, the team is using this spring to grow. 

“Spring is going really good for me and as a team as a whole. I feel we’re getting a lot better," he said. "This spring I feel like we took a step in the right direction, namely the offense as a whole.  They just believe they can do it now. Everybody is going to see when the see comes.”

The quarterbacks especially have impressed during practice, according to the junior defensive back. 

“I like what our quarterbacks are doing. They’re really stressing us a little bit more than they have in the past. I like what I’m seeing from the quarterbacks," said Tabor. "Vertically, deep down the field. The offense is getting better as a whole. You know, the receiver might get off the jam or the quarterback might have good time and the offensive line might breakdown. One of the three. Now, the offensive line is getting better. The quarterback can make the throw and all the receivers are getting off the ball. It’s holistically.”

This spring is also a time of adjustment for the secondary, as they adjust to new defensive back coach, Torrian Gray. 

“Coach Gray is teaching us a lot of great things, things we haven’t learned in the past," said Tabor.  "A lot of new stuff that we’ve used and will be very effective for us this year.”

According to Tabor, Gray has focused on teaching the guys play faster so they "don't have to rely just on athleticism and talent." 

"If we use our eyes in the right way we can be a lot more effective.”

Tabor himself is hoping to be more effective this upcoming season. 

"Just focus. You know I see sometimes I get out there, like today, I had a pretty good practice but some periods when I get tired I get lax, so I just want to stay focused throughout the whole game, practice. If I do that then I feel like everything will be laid out for me.

"I just want to show everybody that I’m the complete corner," added Tabor. "I can play press man, play up, press bell, come up and support the run. That’s going to be big.”

Right now, Tabor's focus is on the spring game on Friday night. 

". I want all the Gator fans to come out and just show love," said Tabor.  "That's all. Just a great crowd. That's what I love."



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